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  1. Rs50matt

    Lots of Questions for my Emergent Curly Hair Tarantula Rehoming - New to the Hobby

    It’s a mature male and the saliva is spider spunk. It’s a nice looking enclosure thou so when he passes
  2. Rs50matt

    What type of Goliath birdeater is this? Shes in premolt

    You’ll want an enclosure with more height than floor space. A piece of cork to hide behind or a cork tube to hide in. when it comes to tarantulas “humidity” isn’t important. Some species are more moisture dependant (like the Blondi) but with a Cambridgei a water dish is more than enough. You...
  3. Rs50matt

    What type of Goliath birdeater is this? Shes in premolt

    He can swear it’s a Blondi all he likes but he’ll be wrong :) I do agree actually. P Cambridgei and T Blondi have very different care and setup requirements. If he swears it’s a Blondi then I can only assume it’s in a moist terrestrial setup which is not good for a Cambridgei:)
  4. Rs50matt

    Sucking stomach

    No , you may have misread this thread. The sucking stomach is how Ts eat and drink. This thread is referring to Ts that have an issue during molting. If you can see your T sucking then it’s more than likely drinking.
  5. Rs50matt

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just think I that as a holiday itself it’s disrespectful. You’ve worked hard day in day out to provide for yourself and your family and yet once a year your god expects you to pass all responsibility and say he done it not you. I’m going to blow your mind now too. You are an atheist just...
  6. Rs50matt

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm pretty sure Northern Africa is very heavily involved in religion. But I'll be honest I'm not a follower myself. I just thank god he made me an atheist
  7. Rs50matt

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Good job your American. If you were born in Africa the lord won't be giving you any food or water. Happy thanks giving you lucky sun of a gun. :)
  8. Cyriopagopus Longipes AF

    Cyriopagopus Longipes AF

    Another free spider in exchange for millipedes. One of life’s happy little accidents that just keeps giving :)
  9. Rs50matt

    What species is my T?

    It's definitely a pink toe. It's an avicularia of some sort but there are a few that look similar at that size and I can't say for sure what it is :)
  10. N sp Suriname

    N sp Suriname

    Growing a lot faster than the other so dare I say it's a male? ;)
  11. Mikumi :)

    Mikumi :)

  12. Rs50matt

    Enclosure for sub-adult Avic avicularia

    Basically the same enclosure. Even thou she's made a mess of it. The ventilation doesn't look like as much because the enclosure itself is larger but it's sufficient and she's doing good in there
  13. Rs50matt

    November 2020 photo competition entries

    Everybody loves cats. Mitsey lives with my parents thou and we can’t have cats where we live atm :/
  14. Rs50matt

    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media '20201120_211007.jpg'

    There’s photo competitions and a whole media section for “other invertebrates” :) there was even a picture posted just yesterday of a pretty little orchid mantis
  15. Rs50matt

    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media '20201120_211007.jpg'

    All you need now is a mantis ;)
  16. Rs50matt

    It finally happened :)

    So I don’t know how long ago I first became aware of this species but it’s been years and I knew I had to get one. Came close a few months back as we managed to order the last one but before it was sent it died to a molt :(. Anyway. This morning we received a juvenile female Eucratoscelus...
  17. Rs50matt

    N Tripepii mature male

    I'm guessing your not aware if you click on someone's name it will say where they're from if they have filled it in?
  18. Rs50matt

    I need your help and input!

    To clear things up I’m not denying that a H Hercules exists. You’ve shown no evidence that what you have is one thou. Approx 5 years ago whiteys exotics left a comment on a YouTube video of a guy claiming that he had H Hercules and he said himself that they have never been in the hobby and...
  19. Rs50matt

    I need your help and input!

    no one is doubting the time you’ve put into your research or whatever but look at it from an outsiders perspective. The timeline of events from what I’ve seen are hilarious. You posted on here about your “findings” then after very little response you turned to Facebook where you got a lot of...
  20. Rs50matt

    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media 'Brachypelma Klassi Mm'

    Any donkey can pair. It’s the producing that’s the hard part :)