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  1. leaveittoweaver

    The never ending water dish struggle

    So since my mass die off months ago that I narrowed down to lack of water dishes in sling enclosures, I have made sure every one has a water dish. However, I am so frustrated at the constant dirt in the water dish. What do you guys do about this problem if anything? The biggest offenders are...
  2. leaveittoweaver

    Something wrong with my B.Smithi?

    My B.Smithi has developed this bald spot with this weird almost fungus looking thing on it's abdomen. I keep the enclosure very dry, she is also not a hair kicker. Any thoughts?
  3. leaveittoweaver

    "Not eating thread"

    Never thought I'd make a thread about a not eating tarantula! My GBB has not eaten in almost a year now. Her abdomen is huge but she just refuses to eat. She sits out pretty frequently, but never eats. She used to be one of the most voracious eaters, going at anything the minute it dropped. Do...
  4. leaveittoweaver

    Species you keep multiples of

    Is there any species you love so much you keep an excess amount of?
  5. leaveittoweaver

    Half my collection molted and died

    Two weeks ago I lost my P.Cambridgei juvie(probably 2 inches), Two B.Vagans slings, M.balfouri sling, C.Darlingi sling(was severely underweight to start, got from an expo and I think it was not cared for right), H.Vonwirthi(adult, had just received a week prior, most likely WC), and A.Versicolor...
  6. leaveittoweaver

    Housing Adult Taps

    For those who keep tap species, what is your preferred method of housing adults? Thanks! Rachel
  7. leaveittoweaver

    Few photos from today.

    Was doing some maintenance today and took a few pictures. Here ya go! P.Sazimai sling. Just acquired from Net-bug at White Plains. E.Sp Red acquired at White Plains. Just molted yesterday. Looks female. I think she may be wild caught so here's to hoping for no problems! Female B.Smithi...
  8. leaveittoweaver

    Favorite Genus

    What is everyone's favorite genus of tarantula?
  9. leaveittoweaver

    US White Plains 1/31/16

    Anyone going? I'm going to drive out tomorrow night and stay in a hotel and head there first thing in the morning!
  10. leaveittoweaver

    My A.Avic is dying. Possible causes?

    I bought an A.Avic from a pet store a little over six months ago. She was kept in a kritter keeper with repta bark, water dish with a sponge and had been there for months looking in major need for a molt. I bought her and put her in a new enclosure I made, here's a pic of that: This is...
  11. leaveittoweaver

    My A.Avic

    I bought her probably six months ago, only tarantula I ever got from a pet store versus a reputable dealer. When i first got her and put her in an appropriate enclosure, she immediately made a tube web and molted. She was eating fine after her molt and seemingly doing well. She hasn't eaten for...
  12. leaveittoweaver

    Hello from New York!

    New to the forum, not to tarantulas. I currently have: 0.1 G.Porteri 0.1 A.Avicularia 1.0 P.Irminia 0.1 GBB 0.0.5 B.Vagans 0.0.1 L.Parahybna 0.0.1 M.Balfouri 0.0.1 A.Purpurea Hope to learn and share here!