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  1. LRH83

    What does your substrate consist of?

    Isn’t a plug for the company but I’ve been using Pro-Rep Spiderlife. I switched to it after having mould issues and mites far too easily with coco. Springtails never took to coco fibre properly for me. Since using spiderlife I’ve had no issues with either and springtails thrive. It keeps nice...
  2. LRH83

    My first T MM Albo matured

    Here’s what I thought was Bella, turns out to be Billy. He’s my first tarantula I’ve raised from a sling. Hopefully, thanks to a nice member on here I can get some babies from him.
  3. LRH83

    Tliltocatl Albopilosum MM seeking female. UK

    Hi all fairly new here. I have a Tliltocatl Albopilosum Nicaragua that matured in August and has made his first sperm web and destroyed it yesterday. I’m willing to send out for a loan. Ideally I’d like him back as he’s my first tarantula from sling to adult but i understand the risks. I’m in st...