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    How many slings on average do a. Avicularia have

    Can anyone who's bred A Avicularia (Metallica) pink toe help me, how many slings do they produce on average. About to loan my boy batman to two females and want to know how many they'll produce so I can decide what percentage I can ask for. Thank you in advance.
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    Just got my avic and don't have molt can you sex

    Hi, so I just obtained my new baby Cleopatra, or Cleo for short, today and so don't a molt. I was told it was a she but don't really if true. Can you still sex without molt and if possible can you help. Thank you
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    My GBB Zeus not sure whether ready to molt

    Not sure whether he's gonna molt but keeping my fingers crossed. Had him for a year
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    Hi, everyone new to the hobby

    Hi, everyone, I'm new to the hobby and hoping to make some new friends and learn all I can. Currently at two (a GBB and a smithi) and hoping to add more.