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  1. Poor Pauly

    I need your help and input!

    Just because you do not have a degree does not mean you cannot get one or find some help in doing a proper research paper to submit to a scientific journal. It may be more difficult but you can get published without having a PHD behind your name. You do not have to be a scientist to learn how to...
  2. Poor Pauly

    I need your help and input!

    If you do not submit for scientific peer review, then it is not a science paper. Just someone posting on the Internet.
  3. Poor Pauly

    Adding extra heating safely...

    I was thinking of the same issue. I may need additional heating for my slings when I order and was thinking of something like this with heat cables.
  4. Poor Pauly

    Sling to adult, how many make it?

    I was deep into the African Cichlid hobby. Did my research there too before starting and had great success. I had MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome) then and will probably do the same with T's and enclosures. As for feeders, considering what I have local I was considering on starting my own flightless...
  5. Poor Pauly

    How many slings on average do a. Avicularia have

    The one with the male risks his becoming an expensive meal for the female.
  6. Poor Pauly

    Sling to adult, how many make it?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, this exactly the information I am looking for.
  7. Poor Pauly

    Sling to adult, how many make it?

    Question before I get my first order and begin the hobby. I know that this is somewhat species dependent, but given that a person does their research into their care and practices good husbandry, what is the expected chances of your sling making it into adulthood? Is there a reasonable...
  8. Poor Pauly

    20 year old Rose hair won't leave her water dish.

    I am a noob currently doing my research before getting my first T and the first think I noticed was the substrate. Change it to a suitable one quick.
  9. Poor Pauly

    Help figuring this out

    Don't you have to look at a molt to determine the sex with certainty? Noob question.
  10. Poor Pauly

    I have no T's.

    This is what draws me to husbandry of all types. I like to get to know my critters and their habits and personalities. Who knew fish have personalities until you get to know one. I have always had a natural anility to learning and reading animals 'body language'. This is what draws me to the T...
  11. Poor Pauly

    I have no T's.

    After dumping thousands of dollars in the aquarium hobby and African cichlids, I am prepared that I may end up with dozens of T's. My intent in the fish hobby was to eventually breed, I suspect the same will happen with this hobby. Nature and critters have always been part of my life.
  12. Poor Pauly

    I have no T's.

    Hello, I have always been interested in keeping T's, now is the time to start. Currently I do not own a T but doing my research. Been at it for just over a month now, getting all the information out there and learning what is good advise and what is bad advise. Getting it narrowed down to who...