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  1. J

    US MM Poecilotheria Metallica

    I don't want him to go to waste so I'm selling him outright. He matured approximately 2 months ago. Asking $200 for him + shipping. TOS: LAG only applies if hold for pick up on FedEx hub and temp must be below 40 and not higher than 90 degree f. If DOA you must provide proof and contact me...
  2. J

    US MF Monocentropus Balfouri

    Title says it all dm me if you are willing to sell your Mf. Thanks
  3. J

    US MF Poecilotheria Metallica

    Looking for a MF P. Metallica. Last molt should not be more than 4 months. Thank you.
  4. J

    Xenesthis Immanis Male or Female? 1 Inch.

    Thank you for any opinions.
  5. J

    US Some Females Available.

    F Megaphobema Mesomelas- $350 3 Inch AF Poecilotheria Metallica- $450 5-6 Inch. (Last Molt was 7/15/2020) Approx. 3-4 years old. Ready for Breeding. AF Grammostola Porteri- $250 5 Inch. AF? Chilobrachys sp. Kaeng Krachan- $180 5-6 Inch. F Aphonopelma Seemani- $80 4 Inch. M Theraphosa...
  6. J

    US ISO MM Poecilotheria Metallica

    I need an MM Poecilotheria Metallica if you have one just message me here. I prefer outright. Thanks.