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    US Selling some Ts in Virginia

    Hello, I am selling some of my Tarantulas in northern Virginia Small juvinille hysterocrates benin 50$ Large juvinille salmon pink bird eater 70$ if you buy both I will give discount. I am not sure what gender they are.
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    C. Darlingi sling stays out all the time

    Hello. I recently purchased a c darlingi sling couple months ago. It’s been doing great. Has molted and eats anything I give her. In the beginning however I noticed it stayed out in the open more and more. I read that it could be that the substrate is too moist. And I checked and the substrate...
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    Wtb aliatypus californicus aka trap door spider

    I’ve been looking for trap door spider for months. Is anyone selling them I’m definitely interested. Please let me know. I’m located in Virginia. thank you.
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    Feeder cricket causes parasites

    Hello i was wondering has anyone viewed the new exotic lair video of a tarantula dying from parasites That it caught from eating feeder crickets? He explains and advices against feeding crickets to tarantula. But he also says part of the reason is that in his country feeder crickets are kept in...
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    US Juvenile Acanthoscurria Geniculata for sale

    Hello. I am selling my 1 year old A. Geniculata for 80$. I am located in Maryland. It’s about 3- 3.5 inches. I’m not sure what gender it is since I’m fairly new to the hobby. I can definitely send pictures upon request.
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    US WTB Theraphosa blondi sling

    I’m looking to buy Theraphosa blondi or Stirmi Sling. I am located in Maryland. please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks.
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    Best enclosures

    Hello i have been searching around for future enclosure for my growing juveniles. In order to get a general idea of what enclosure I’ll use. I’ve checked out the exo terra enclosure they look really nice. I’m also looking at the enclosures that the YouTuber the dark den uses. I know it’s custom...
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    1 year anniversary

    Hello its been exactly a year since I purchased both my Lasiodora Parahybana and acanthoscurria geniculata. They are both juvenile now. I also ordered a horned baboon tarantula from fear not. Waiting for it to ship this week. I’m also debating between a king baboon or Goliath birdeater. I love...
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    Tarantula intro

    Hello I’m Ali. I have kept tarantulas for over 2 years now but unfortunately I have never been successful in having them grow into adulthood. currently I have a Brazilian striped knee and a Salmon Pink Birdeater. Both are almost a year old and both were slings when I bought them. Now both are...