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  1. Icdeleon09

    US this is my entire collection im quitting my

    o philipinus sold pair p rufus sold x2 sold 2gbb mature female sold mbalfouri sold p green gold carapce sold male h tupai sold T cyneolum sold also xenthesis are posponed on premolt tos ship via fedex only overnight best way contact me va 571 288 3430 for faster response
  2. Icdeleon09

    US ADF females tarantula etc

    Lampropelma Carpenteri ADF 210$ Haplopelma Tupai ADF rare 400$ Cyriopagopus Vonwirthi big black ADF 80$ Cyriopagopus Longipes ADF 100$ Cyriopagopus albostriatus ADF 120$ Cyriopagopus lividum ADF 80$ Cyclosternum sp machalla sub adult 250$ Tos: ship via FedEx overnight only LAG 2hr after...
  3. Icdeleon09

    US For sale Need to aid some of my family member IN Philippines hate to do this but i need to

    Phormictopus sp dominican purple 450$ ADF Phormictopus sp green gold carapace juvie female 3.5inch 150$ X immanis pair 2.5 fem 2 inch male 250$ Cyriopagopus hainanum 3 inch female 120$ Cyriopagopus albostriatus ratchaburi ADF 120$ Cyclosternum sp machalla Sub adultfemale 250$ Males available...
  4. Icdeleon09

    US Female for sale

    Cyclosternum sp Machala sub adult female 300$ last molt 3 months ago tos Ship via FedEx by zip code Lag 2hr after package was delivered
  5. Icdeleon09

    US ISO males or MM

    P subfusca lowland mm or male P Arboricola mature male only P dominican purple male or mm
  6. Icdeleon09

    Haplopelma Tupai ADF

  7. Icdeleon09

    Cyriopagopus longipes MF

  8. Icdeleon09


    im looking for some males or mature males Phormictopus dominican purple or can be sold as cautus Phormictopus hispaniola green femur Cyriopagopus Albostriatus (ratchaburi)Ex. haplopelma thai leg zebra Cyriopagopus Longipes Ex. Haplopelma Haplopelma Tupai will take even sling... Cyclosternum Sp...
  9. Icdeleon09

    US Sales

    Phormictopus dominican purple ADF 650 rare Last molt july 23 Phormictopus hispaniola green gold carapace Rare pair 700 F LAST MOLT JULY 11 MM JULY 16 PHORMICTOPUS HISPANIOLA GREEN FEMUR 5 "FEMALE 300 cylosternum sp machala SADF 350 rare TOS Shipping cost via zipcode LAG FEDEX OVER NIGHT
  10. Icdeleon09

    US Available females for sale

    Acanthoscurria geniculata 5 inch 250$ Cyriopagopus hainanum ex haplopelma 3inch 120$ Cyclosternum sp machala rare 3 inch 300$ Ship via FedEx tell me your zip code
  11. Icdeleon09

    US ISO MM or any size

    Cylosternum sp machala Cyriopagopus longipes Phormictopus green femur Phormictopus dominican purple
  12. Icdeleon09


    CYRIOPAGOPUS LIVIDUM 2ND INSTAR SALE 20$ each or can do bulk DM me
  13. Icdeleon09

    US Iso adult fem T stirmi

    I'm looking for adult theraposa stirmi female
  14. Icdeleon09

    US Iso following Tarantulas

    MM or IMM phormictopus Dominican purple phormictopus Hispaniola green femur MF or Sub adult fem phormictopus green gold carapace
  15. Icdeleon09

    Please help me ID this sp

    Hello guys so here i ordered them cyriopagopus minax slings after 5 months im getting not any black coloration.... i try different group to help me id this sp so far there more leaning on chilobrachys kaeng karachan and orphanecus sp??
  16. Icdeleon09

    US ISO slings

    Megaphobema mesomelas
  17. Icdeleon09

    US Iso phormictopus green gold carapace

    Iso phormictopus green gold carapace female adult or sub adult
  18. Icdeleon09

    US Looking for adult female

    Phormictopus green gold carapace female
  19. Icdeleon09

    US ISO mature male

    Psendnocnemis Brachymosa
  20. Icdeleon09

    1 inch C minax molt male or female

    help me sex this molt