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    looking at getting liocheles australasia Anybody got any experience with them
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    Lost a leg

    My GBB sling has lost a leg during moult.. Will it grow back fully or will it grow back but always be stumpy
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    GBB sling advice

    Set my gbb sling (1-2cm) up in basic housing ( tub ,coco fibre etc) And some say no moisture ie moss and some say yes Just confused whats best?
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    Getting 5 more ts

    tomorrow getting A GBB Lasiodorides polycuspulatus Cyclosternum schmarde Holothele longings And another curly hair
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    T kahlenbergi

    Was actually out of his house today
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    Any1 use polymer oven clay

    Any1 use oven polymer clay to make spider hides ? Is it safe ?
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    Hello newbie keeper

    I currently have 8 slings T. Kahlenbergi B.harmorri B.emilia C.Elegans D.peloris K.brunnipes T.vagans And a curly hair Have been looking a getting c.versiscolor how much harder are they to look after ?