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  1. shaun

    A.avic lunchtime

    This A. avic is a great eater, compared to the couple of others, that I've had.
  2. shaun

    Fake plants

    Just added some plastic plants to some of the enclosures, during bi weekly feeding and husbandry. I think they look ok. Not sure about using live plants.
  3. shaun

    New arrival

    Pink toe arrival today.
  4. shaun

    New enclosure

    Just prepared a new home for arrival of A.avic (should be here on Tuesday).
  5. shaun

    New additions

    Fed all my T's tonight, including new arrivals G. pulchra and A. sp. peru purple. All ate up. I am happy with their progress
  6. shaun

    Baby Hamorii with lunch

    All my T's ate up today. This little chap seemed chuffed with his cricket
  7. shaun

    Naming t's

    Does everyone name their t's? I named the first couple but have given up (and i only have 10!) Do you label them with species, common name and pet name?
  8. shaun

    A.g. hungry

    Fed my white knee 8 days after molt. I have never seen such a feeding response. Wow that guy was hungry!
  9. shaun


    So i have had a molt fest ( i only have 10 t's) Got a AG recently, he molted a day into my care. My A. juruensis also molted yesterday and my B. Hamorii a few days ago. My feeding regime is dramatically reduced this week!
  10. shaun

    New arrivals

    GBB sling (1cm) and Ac. genic. (6cm) Arrived today. Takes my little group to 10. Probably will grow them out and see how things are...
  11. shaun

    New arrival

    Just received and homed L.P.
  12. shaun

    New arrival

    Yellow banded pink toe arrived yesterday. He's twice the size of my a. avic but still sandy coloured.
  13. shaun

    New joiner

    Just unpacked a new albopilasom. Fed an hour later and he was right on it
  14. shaun

    Good day, bad day

    My red knee sling molted last week, i fed him a cricket today and he was all over it. My curly hair sling has been on his back for 3 days (after being buried away for a month). I don't hold much faith in his chances.
  15. shaun

    New joiner

    Took delivery of an acanthoscurria geniculata sling today. Smallest i have recieved. Had to do a last minute change of home. I now have t.alb, a.avic, brac ham, c. Versi and newest member a. Gen. All slings, a nice group.
  16. shaun

    Question about a.geniculata

    Have ordered a sling, read that they are fast growing. Does that mean that they moult more often?
  17. shaun

    Change of housing ( forced)

    My t. Alb sling had buried itself away. Haven't seen it for weeks but i foolishly had placed an egg carton housing in there and it was starting to look soggy, i didn't want to wait until it went mouldy. I dug it out and put a plastic bottle cap in as a replacement. He appears to have made an...
  18. shaun

    New arrival today

    C. Versi sling just arrived from spiderworld , Poland
  19. shaun

    New arrival today

    B. Hamorii arrived today from so many legs. Cute little thing
  20. shaun

    Rehousing slings

    Rehoused my two babies today. I think that I was housing them in oversized enclosures, hopefully they will be ok .