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  1. Dave Jay


    Hi all, I wanted to explain that I am in the process of moving house atm, so while I'll check TF briefly when I can I can't catch up with the notifications, I'm not being rude, just busy, and at my daughter's house I can't get internet reception most of the time, normal transmissions will be...
  2. Dave Jay

    Australian Pie-Dish Beetles

    I bought 8 of these beetles from a friend on the weekend, they'll be here tomorrow if there's no delays. They're a type of Darkling Beetle so care should be pretty easy. I could set them up the same as mealworms I think, even use them as mealworms for feeding but I think I'll go with a more...
  3. Dave Jay

    Classic song lines

    And you told me, the fools' fire water won't hurt me! (But you lied)
  4. Dave Jay


    Did someone tweek the site a bit to make it more mobile friendly? All of a sudden a couple of issues I've had from day one with two phones have been resolved. This doesn't really need an answer, but thanks if someone did!
  5. Dave Jay

    Phlogius sp. "goliath" - Australian Tarantula

    I was asked for ventral shots months ago but this is the first time I've seen this tarantula for months. Going by a guide given in a thread recently my guess is male, I think I'm seeing the signs of a male that the article mentions but I'm by no means sure that I'm not imagining it. I have a...
  6. Dave Jay

    False Bottom

    I use false bottoms in enclosures requiring many different conditions but I find they are at their most beneficial when keeping arid or desert animals. It allows you to keep the surface mostly dry, avoiding mycosis and other problems associated with a higher than desirable humidity/moisture...
  7. Dave Jay

    Australian Wood Roaches, Nauphotea Cinera

    I thought I'd show the roach species most widely used in Australia. For years these were the only species seen for sale but lately I've noticed different species for sale privately. I have a feeling that they originated as illegal imports because foreign species are not allowed to be imported...
  8. Dave Jay


    I just came across this and thought I'd share, it downloaded as a series of pictures so hopefully it's readable. I can totally see this happening to me and most of the people I know! I actually had a similar experience with an aquarium filter, although not funny at the time. I had a bag...
  9. Dave Jay

    Happy New Year!

    I'll try to press post on the stroke of midnight here in South Australia! So Happy New Year to All! In 3,2,1!.... Now!
  10. Dave Jay

    Jewel Bugs

    Belinda found these bugs in the Murray Mallee, they were hiding in a fallen branch that was decaying. I decided to keep them, reckless I know but they look even better than the pictures show. I took some of the inside of the wood with me thinking they might be detritus feeders. Once home I gave...
  11. Dave Jay

    Australian Frogs

    I came across these pictures of a Brown Tree Frog I rescued from the cats a couple of years ago and thought I'd post them. I have lots of frog pictures if I look for them, so as I come across them or take more I'll post them in this thread. I don't have this frog anymore as I put it outside in a...
  12. Dave Jay

    Tiger Beetle

    I want one of these now!!! lol Seriously though, I will be looking very carefully on my next trip to the Mallee!
  13. Dave Jay

    Australian Tarantula Videos,Pictures and Information

    As the title says, this thread will be where any interesting video,pictures and information regarding Australian Tarantulas can be posted. I know it would have saved me hours if such a thread existed when I started researching. Please add anything you find online, or better yet your own content...
  14. Dave Jay

    Queen Ant

    I found a queen ant in the city (Adelaide South Australia) a few weeks ago and on impulse caught it in my empty coffee cup and brought it home. I had a 5cm x 5cm enclosure made up with compressed substrate and a drinking straw added to deliver water to the bottom of the substrate so I popped her...
  15. Dave Jay

    Your song

    Your song by Elton John was on the radio just now, and I was feeling all the emotions in regards to my wife. It brought this to mind... Subconsciously we are all tolerant of a persons sexual persuasion, despite our imagined beliefs the majority of the population can understand love between two...
  16. Dave Jay


    I just have to save this somewhere. After 29 years together all I can offer is diamonds and rust. I can't offer shiny and new, just love.
  17. Dave Jay

    Not a sales pitch

    Tell me what you think of this, Ive aimed it for scorps for this weekend, but it's for slings too. I know all this stuff is not essential, but have I missed anything? This is a starter kit, the aim is if you dont own a scorp or sling this is everything you'll need for a while. Bear in mind that...
  18. Dave Jay

    Australian Lizards

    I thought I'd show some pictures of my lizards and some from the wild.
  19. Dave Jay

    Flesh Eating Beetles

    After reading about these beetles (Dermestes maculatus) I decided I'd keep the ones I find in the cricket tubs, but of course there have been none in the last few tubs I bought so I still only have two beetles and one larvae, although the larvae should pupate soon if it hasn't done so already...