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  1. J

    US Odds and ends for sale.

    I have a few odds and ends available 2.0 Psalmopoeus cambridgei. They are around 3.5-4 inches $50 each 0.0.3 Pterinochilus murinus 1.5” $30 each or all for $80 0.1 T.albopilosum 2.5 inches $55 5 lot of Davus pentaloris slings - $50 each lot. Terms of service: Shipping is via fedex. Overnight...
  2. J

    US Davis pentaloris slings, cambridgei males

    I have about 100 or so Davis pentaloris second instar slings. I also have some males. Please see the list below. 0.0.100 Davus pentaloris 25$ each. 100 for 110. 2.0.0 Psalmopoeus cambridgei 4 inches - 60$ each Terms of service: There is a 50 minimum on all orders. Shipping is via Fedex...
  3. J

    US This week only sale

    This is my last post before the weather gets cold. We are getting some new females in for some spring breeding projects so we are looking to sell our extra juvies to make room and funds for some cool new breeding projects. Thank you to all who have bought from us already. Because we are not...
  4. J

    US Pterinochilus lapalala

    I am look for a few females or larger slings/juvies for urgent breeding project. Willing to trade or buy outright. Please contact me with any available! Thanks.
  5. J

    US Looking for the following for future projects.

    I am looking for the following Ts for future breeding projects. Adult females: Poecilotheria regalis Psalmopoeus cambridgei Psalmopoeus irminia Males: Psalmopoeus irminia 3 inches at most Davus pentaloris penultimate male Psalmopoeus pulcher 3 inches at most Tapinauchenius rasti no more than...
  6. J

    US REDUCED PRICES, priced to sell.

    These prices are good for the next week. This will be my last chance to ship for a while as I will be getting back surgery in two weeks. Here is what is available. 0.0.4 Selenocosmia crassipes 2.5-3” - $55 0.0.4 Psalmopoeus cambridgei 3” - $45 0.0.3 Pterinochilus murinus 1” - $20 1.0.0...
  7. J

    US Immature male Brachypelma emelia

    Immature male B.emelia for sale. $175 plus shipping. Always open to trades. TOS: Shipping is via your choice of carrier. Overnight only. Price dependent on zipcode and carrier chosen. LAG if signed for on the first attempt. Will only ship if the temperatures are appropriate and I reserve the...
  8. J

    US Updated list

    I would be open to trades. 1.0.0 Grammostola pulchripes 3.5 inches immature - $100 0.1 Hapalopus sp. Large AF -$150 0.0.5 Psalmopoeus cambridgei 3”-3.5”- $50 each 0.0.3 Selenocosmia crassipes 2.5” -3”- $60 each 1.0.0 MM Selenocosmia crassipes - $100 0.0.4 Pterinochilus murinus...
  9. J

    US MM Cyriocosmus elegans

    My male just matured. He will need some time to harden up and eat and then he is ready to go. Currently asking $100 plus shipping but will entertain reasonable offers and trades. Terms: Shipping is overnight only with your choice of carrier. Price is dependent on zip code and carrier that you...
  10. J

    US Some Ts for sale

    I feel like I wanted to consolidate my ads so here is everything I have at the moment. This is a mixture of needing to make space for other projects and needing to pay some unexpected medical bills. I’m listing them cheaper here because I like this forum better than others. I am open to offers...
  11. J

    US Wanted: MM Aphonopelma seemani

    I have a ready to breed female. I would buy outright or do a 50/50. Let me know what you have.
  12. J

    US FS/FT: MM Selenocosmia crassipes

    My male just matured and I do not have a mature female for him. He will need a couple of weeks to harden. Asking $120 plus shipping for him. Willing to trade depending on what you have available. TOS: LAG is only offered via overnight if the temperatures are within reasonable ranges. I...
  13. J

    US Small list

    I have a few excess juveniles to part with. I would be open to trades. Contact me by email. [email protected] 0.0.5 Psalmopoeus cambridgei 2.5”-3” - $50 each 0.0.3 Selenocosmia crassipes 2”- 2.5” - $60 each Terms of service: Shipping is via your choice of carrier. Overnight only. Price...
  14. J

    US ISO Mm A.seemani

    My girl molted about a month ago. I’m looking for a male for a standard 50/50 breeding loan. Thanks.
  15. J

    US Juvies and MMs

    I had a few males mature. Here is what is for sale. MM: Neoholothele incei (gold) Just matured and will need time to harden. $55 Pterinochilus murinus (RCF) matured 1 month ago. $45 Juvies: 0.0.3 (2-3 inches) Psalmopoeus cambridgei $50 Terms of service: Shipping LAG offered only on over...
  16. J

    US ISO: Mature male Aphonpelma seemani

    Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  17. J

    US For sale: 5 Juvenile P.cambridgei

    I am hoping these can be sold locally for the time being. I bought 10 slings over the summer and they are all about 3 inches at the moment. I am selling half of them. Enclosures included. I’m located in Butler, PA and asking $50 a piece or I can work out a deal in multiples. I am always looking...
  18. J

    US For sale or trade: MM RCF P.murinus

    This guy just hooked out a few weeks ago. Both of my females are OCF so it’s a no go for me. I am asking $45 plus shipping. I’d love to trade too if that’s the route you’d prefer. Just let me know what you have. The best way to contact me is via email at [email protected] Terms: Shipping will...
  19. J

    US Scubasteve

    I just picked up a mature male Hapalopus sp columbia large from Steve. Very cool guy who genuinely cares about his Ts. Very friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks Steve! I'll keep you updated on the progress.
  20. J

    US Iso multiple mature males

    I am in search of the following mature males. I'd prefer to buy outright but would consider 50/50. Brachypelma hamorri Davus pentaloris Hapalopus sp. Colombia large Omothymus schioedtei Please provide prices, date of their maturing molt, and reviews. Thanks!