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  1. Scoolman

    US M balfouri MM x4

    I have 4 MM that have been actively pursuing my females in my communal setup. I think they have done their part, and need to be moved out before the females tire of them and decide to have lunch. I prefer to sell or trade, not interested in a loan(unless you are experienced, and have previous...
  2. Scoolman

    Marketplace Off Topic Chat

    Hey guys, just a little friendly reminder; let's try to keep the off-topic chit chat to a minimum If we can? If you have a question/concern regarding something that is for sale, please try to contact the seller privately via PM or email if they provide one. This way sellers don't have to worry...
  3. Scoolman

    Marketplace Rules

    MARKETPLACE RULES By posting on this board, you agree that your post may be deleted or edited in any way at any time by any of the moderators or agents of this board. All transactions or disputes must be made with the original seller offering the goods or service. This tarantulsforum.com, the...
  4. Scoolman

    Member signiture modifications

    We have noticed many members have excessively long signature blocks. The community guidelines state signature blocks should be no more than 5 lines, or 120pxl, total. A line or two over is not really a problem, but some signatures are well over 10 lines, some even over 20 lines. Please take some...
  5. Scoolman

    A gigas African Giant Milipede

    I just got six, adult and juvenile, WC, imported from Mozambique. Yes they are legal and all papers are in order. Currently the only restrictions on the species is import/export out of Africa and into the U.S. I am setting up a breeding colony.
  6. Scoolman

    G pulchra

    I got one G pulchra egg sac this week. Potentially three more, if the females are up to it. I also got a G pulchripes sac last week. Working on pairing T stirmi, A behlei, and C cyanoepubescens,
  7. Scoolman

    US Tarantulas

    0.0.4 G. pulchra (CB Aug 2011) 2"+ $75 each I have 5 different pairings planned for G pulchra this spring. Check back summer 2014. 1.0.0 A. brocklehursti 6"+ $40 MM, matured 21May12 (still strong and healthy, makes sperm webs regularly, excellent specimen) 0.0.1 B. albopilosum 1" $10 1.1.0...
  8. Scoolman

    US Males Needed

    I have freshly molted females that I am looking to pair: A behlei A brocklehursti B smithi C cyaneopubescens I am only looking to buy or trade. I am not interested in doing any 50/50 deals. I have for trade: 1.0.0 A hentzi MM 1.0.0 G pulchra MM 1.0.0 T stirmi MM (for experienced breeders...
  9. Scoolman

    The end of Poecilotheria???

    http://www.wildearthguardians.org/site/DocServer/listing_petition_11_tarantulas.pdf?docID=683&AddInterest=1059 Has anyone seen this?
  10. Scoolman

    Banner ADS Getting Pornographic

    I am seeing a lot of ads for dating sites lately. I am not logged into any accounts other than this one. While "dating" site ads are not necessarily phonographic, they are getting close. You should really have a chat with Google Ads about the content they are displaying to your audience.
  11. Scoolman

    M balfouri Communal Vavarium

    I am currently having an enclosure built for me (by a member of another forum). I plan to turn it into a vivarium for M balfouri. the enclosure measures 37" long by 20" wide by 12" high My goal is to simulate the Socotora Island habitat; a very rocky tropical desert shrub-land. Since the...
  12. Scoolman

    M balfouri

    I would like some thoughts on the species. Anyone keep them communal? How much space, sq. inch, per tarantula?
  13. Scoolman

    Lampropelma sp. Borneo Black

    I am looking to get one. I was hoping to get some help from those of you whom have been keeping them. What is the temperament like, anyone know anything about the venom, how much humidity. I am thinking a 20gal long turned on end, and planted as a vivarium; like the vivarium I did with my T...
  14. Scoolman

    US G pulchra

    I have 2i G pulchra ready to go. Produced a sac this summer. 0.0.xxx G pulchra (CB by me Aug 2013) 2nd instar. $35 ea. 0.0.10 G. pulchra (CB Aug 2011) 1.75" $60 each 0.0.4 B. albopilosum 1.5" $10 0.0.5 B. angustum 1.5" $15 0.0.2 B. sabulosum 1.5" $25 1.0.0 B. vagans 3" $35 Live...
  15. Scoolman

    Baner Ads

    The banner ads are becoming very intrusive. The number of "cookie" requests I get from this site every time I log in is insane. These requests are a direct result of the banner ads. Perhaps switching to another add system? Or remove them altogether.
  16. Scoolman

    G pulchra Egg Sac

    Minx has produced a sac She was paired with Midnight(001), one of the original Fab Four, the last week of March to the first week of April. On June 28 she went into her hide and covered the entrance with a thick layer of silk. On July 2 I notice she had removed the thick layer of silk from the...
  17. Scoolman

    G portentosa Colony

    I have a complete, healthy, strong producing colony of Madagascar hissers. I want to trim down to just a few for display. The tub they are in weighs about 12 lbs. this is a sterilite 14.5gal tub. I am asking $200 shipped 2Day, or $250 shipped Overnight, for the entire colony. I regularly get...
  18. Scoolman

    T stirmi pairing

    I paired my female T stirmi today. Fail!!!!!!! She killed the male and dragged him into her burrow. I have two more males in waiting. When they mature i will try again. This is one mean girl.
  19. Scoolman

    G portentosa (hissers)

    I have a large hisser colony I want to sell or trade. I would like to start an E. distanti colony. Mixed groups will be adult and sub-adults. 50 mixed $40 shipped 100 mixed $70 shipped 200 mixed $130 shipped Nymphs and juvies 25 for $30 shipped 50 for $50 shipped 100 for $80 shipped...
  20. Scoolman

    Current List

    0.0.1 A. geniculata 1" $35 0.0.1 N. carapoensis .75" $20 0.0.6 N. chromatus .25"+ $10 1.0.0 A. sp. Flagstaff Orange 2.5" $35 0.0.9 L. Parahybana third instar $10ea. (CB by Nefarian99 (3/12) 0.0.5 B. albopilosum 2" $20 each 5.2.0 G. pulchripes 2"+ Males $30 each, Females $50 2.0.0...