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  1. Kymura

    did I tell you I hate crickets.......

    Most of the old crew here knows of my intense dislike of crickets... read INTENSE DISLIKE BORDERING on HATRED! But, apparently, my love of arachnids supersedes this....I....-shudders- bought a thousand pinheads..... mhm...thats right....me..a thousand...was good a deal and I couldn't pass it...
  2. Kymura

    Just for laughs.

    just a place to share anything cute and or funny, image, story, etc. ^.^ saw this one today, gave me a chuckle ^^
  3. Kymura

    whats on your 'WISH LIST'

    Now that I am keeping again, I am trying to decide what I want the most as I am only going to keep a few, (for me thats about 20) Anyway, making a wish list, some quite common I know, this is not complete as there are so many I just adore. whats on your lists?? Aphonopelma seemani (always...
  4. Kymura

    just my luck...

    Was gone today for a good little while, about six hours or so, taking care of business, came home to ants attacking my spiderlings!! Rehoused every one, placed them into a larger container and completely wrapped it in breathable thin cloth, problem is my little Idiothele mira has cast three...
  5. Kymura

    Kymura's New Krew

    :T: :T: :T: :T: :T: :T: :T:
  6. Kymura

    I've Got T's again!

    After having to re-home all 40 of my tarantulas due to health reasons I took a hiatus. broke my heart but it is what it is, seriously, and I already know how lame that sounds so save the snark. Now, while not in good health Its improved enough for me to keep a few and Thanks to an amazing...
  7. Kymura

    US anyone have a few cheap dubia?

    Hey guys and gals, setting up for keeping again, unfortunately I have zero dubia (and I hate HATE crickets) Ordered some mealworm for any smaller guys, lets face it, they're cheap and easy, but want to get things up and going before I order any T's. ^.~ Anyone overrun with dubia let me know...
  8. Kymura

    Just stopped in to say Hello,

    Miss you all, hope everyone and their arachnids, scorpions, snakes etc are healthy and doing well. My health is picked up some, so, I am considering trying to keep a limited few again. Anyway, <3 to all the old crew, see some of you are still active ^.~
  9. Kymura

    Need honest advice

    Would someone look over my details page at my list of T's and give me an idea of a really fair price as a collection minus Mahtava (genic) Things in my world are on a downward spiral unfortunately.
  10. Kymura

    Guess what I just got!

    http://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/2017-calendars.14516/ Mhm I'm bragging :) From our very [email protected]
  11. Kymura

    Lost Urchin

    Urchin my rescue avic, my baby girl, lost her battle with her last molt, I'm crushed. Crying like an ass.
  12. Kymura

    My older guy.

    As most of you know we are foster failures, (which is why we don't do rescue type things anymore) anyways, My personal pup, Copa, chihuahua mix and my heart dog has cancer. I'm not going to go the chemo route with him, as it's prohibitively expensive and he has other issues. (We've been there...
  13. Kymura

    Thought I'd share these

    Think I'm going to print them and put them on my door, :)
  14. Kymura

    Sharing an idea

    OK so, needed some cork as I have some slings that will need rehousing and I like to look ahead. Was browsing amazon for cork. Horribly expensive stuff all and all, found this little gem for $10+ free shipping. Planter dimensions are about 9" diameter x 5" height. This inside diameter is...
  15. Kymura

    look at this

    Someone should seriously get me one of these
  16. Kymura

    Interesting information on USA species

    http://zookeys.pensoft.net/articles.php?id=6264&display_type=element&element_type=7&element_id=0&element_name=Aphonopelma eutylenum Realize this isn't new information however I have a serious love for our more local Aphonopelma T's so I found this interesting. Thought I'd share it with my...
  17. Kymura

    New arrivals.

    Any guesses on who is who? G pulchra and B albopilosum (Ordered the pulchra a while ago but heat here has been nuts for weeks. Finally got a window and he threw in the Albo, Kymura will never say no to an albo baby!) Pulchra is going to be Sundara (beautiful) Albo will be Masaka (fuzzy)
  18. Kymura

    My P-cam adventure

    Pcam adventure (Saying her here but unsure of gender) So, acrylic cage came today. First I assembled it. Fixed it up for Enigma. Got everything ready. Carefully emptied her current enclosure of the bigger stuff and with paintbrush in hand proceeded to coax the somewhat shy T into the new...
  19. Kymura

    Bald no more (and others)

    Some of you may remember my genic kicked herself almost cueball bald in shipping. Well, she molted successfully a while ago so got a couple shots while feeding. I adore this little girl so sharing with my favorite forum :) Mahtava Look @Thistles she's purty again :) And I must be doing...
  20. Kymura

    New shelf.

    Got this to redo my room and make a nice space for my T enclosures. Pretty nice and it has a 350# weight rating per shelf. Style Selections 74-in H x 48-in W x 18-in D 5-Tier Steel Freestanding Shelving