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  1. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media 'P subfusca LL'

    Perfect picture :)
  2. menavodi

    m.balfouri , GBB, pink bird eater

    Congrats...looking good! :)
  3. menavodi

    Welcome to Tarantula Forum!

    Welcome! You found a good place! :)
  4. menavodi


    She had to go .... ;)
  5. menavodi

    Enclosure for Poecilotheria regalis

    I don’t know the size of a nano, but fully grown crickets are fine. ;)
  6. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media '20201120_164202.jpg'

    Great picture! :)
  7. menavodi

    T. Stirmi Question

    Are you talking about the spinnerets?
  8. menavodi

    Fake plants

    I think real plants look good too!
  9. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media 'Chanbria regalis'

    ...what a face...;)
  10. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media 'Pterinopelma sazimai - Taino'

    Good contrast with the green underneath ;)
  11. menavodi

    Recent additions.

    Nice video! You were lucky she did not run up... :)
  12. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media 'C versicolor'

    Beautiful picture! :)
  13. menavodi

    Comment by 'menavodi' in media 'Phormictopus Cautus'

    Perfect color! :cool:
  14. menavodi

    Please welcome Inca

    She definitely found a great home...:) good looking one!
  15. menavodi

    So I went for it!

    ...sad news. :(
  16. menavodi

    New spoods

    ;) That would make me happy too!
  17. menavodi

    I need your help and input!

    If you click it, you find out. I would not...:eek:
  18. menavodi

    C. Versicolor sling feeding

    I am glad she is eating!
  19. menavodi

    Update On My T Frency

    Very good news! Excellent! :)