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  1. Rs50matt

    Grown on Pulchras

    Just a heads up for anyone looking to get a Pulchra the spidershop uk have some grown on slings available (4-6cm (2" for older generation)) :p Just incase someone's been looking and hasn't seen :)
  2. Rs50matt

    Spider species?

    I've had a few of these recently in the heat decide to crawl on me while I'm in bed. I'm guessing a false widow species? But that's a wild stab in the dark. I don't actually know :D
  3. Rs50matt

    Enclosure improvements.

    I've been redoing some enclosures recently and yesterday I redone my G Pulchras home and I think I'm happy with it (ignore the label i need to change it) he's in an Exo terra breeding box small. All the others are in 16oz deli cups and 1 12oz. I enjoy making enclosures and find the smaller...
  4. Rs50matt

    H Chilensis is getting big

    Ok so it's not big. But compared to how small it was when I got it it's massive. Molted a few days ago and has come out of its burrow to eat. First time since I got it (around September last year I believe) I've actually seen it eat (has a small bean weevil) Can't wait till 2040 when it might...
  5. Rs50matt

    Pseudohapalopus sp. "Colombia"

    Currently available at thespidershop. Never heard of this species before but very striking dwarf species You have any of these Enn? (I'm assuming so)
  6. Rs50matt

    Other pets and animals

    just curious to see what other pets members have aswell as their beloved Ts. Currently have : 3 Ts 2 cats 2 dogs bearded dragon and koi pond There's a dog missing from this picture but it's not easy to find them all in the same area and still lol
  7. Rs50matt

    Changing an opinion?

    So as Phil now has his share of the Ts I unfortunately had to give up I thought I'd give a little update on the 3 I was able to keep. Homoeomma Chilesis (I think?) Anyone that has a sling knows exactly what's happening with this dude. It's a small sling that gets smaller everyday and stays...
  8. Rs50matt

    Hamorii or smithi?

    Posted as hamorii but I'm not 100%
  9. Rs50matt

    Feeling accomplished

    2 or 3 weeks ago my Lp sling molted. Everything went as expected yet within 3 days i found it in a death curl.Waterdish was always full and I wasn't sure why it had or what to do. I overflowed waterdish to make sure there was moisture in the sub it could get to and kept an eye on it. It...
  10. Rs50matt

    Haplocosmia Himalayana

    so I thought I'd go through all my husbandry and how I keep Ts to make sure I hadn't made any crucial mistakes and as it turns out I had. I like to research a species before I get it but I got 2 h himalayana slings in a mystery box and I had no idea how to keep them. When I recieved them I...
  11. Rs50matt

    First time eating

    when I feed my Ts I always offer one to my e campestratus but she never takes. So I leave a Dubai in with her incase she is shy to the light. Was trying to sex the molt from my g Iheringi that I got yesterday( I believe it's a male) and remembered that I left the roach in her enclosure and...
  12. Rs50matt

    Bean weevils?

    Received a starter colony of bean weevils recently and wondered on people's thoughts on them. To keep they are very easy. But they felt very hard and didn't know if they could damage a slings fangs. They're a great size for them but I'm hesitant
  13. Rs50matt

    Enclosure designs & ideas

    So I don't know about everyone else but even though I'm not artistic I love putting enclosures together. I find it almost as exciting as receiving a new spider or a molt. Today I had 3 Exo terra nano talls (20x20x30) arrive for my 3 C Versicolors and I've been waiting all week to be able to put...
  14. Rs50matt

    Brachys available within the hobby?

    so I finally got around to labelling all my enclosures and pots today and didn't realise o had so many different species of brachypelma It got me thinking, what species are available within the hobby currently and where can I get hold of them. After a quick search I've found a wiki that states...
  15. Rs50matt

    What next?

    I really shouldn't but I had to buy myself a new shelving unit as I had run out of space and now I face a new problem, I have more space. I have an order on the way from spidershop so I can rehouse my versi's but i can't help but look at everything to see whT tickles my fancy. Other than 2...
  16. Rs50matt

    I'm unsure so thought I'd ask

    so I'm an idiot. That part I'm sure about. But I've just seen a post (on a Facebook page which might explain it) of a C Versi sling eating a cricket (much too large for it). Now it did take it down but in my view it was a lot of risk to the spider. My question to him though was about the...
  17. Rs50matt

    I found one and she's beautiful

    So this little beauty arrived today :) she's a 4-5" confirmed female (not by me) E campestratus. They're subtle but beautiful and I'll be honest I was surprised how hard it was to get hold of one. Also now that I do have one of these delights I'm calling it a day (for now) on getting more Ts...
  18. Rs50matt

    Avicularia purpurea's

    Received 2 avicularia purpureas this morning. Do like the little enclosure I made for them. They have both been for a nice long drink since being rehoused. They're so cute
  19. Rs50matt

    New arrival :)

    so I purchased a nhandu chromatus a while back off patryk_b. And it's hard to be patient when you have a new T ordered. But due to the hot weather patryk delayed the posting and I recieved her today. Beautiful female. Good health , seems fairly doscile although I won't be picking her up anytime...
  20. Rs50matt

    Bad substrate?

    I've moved both my g pulchripes into new enclosures and started using a mix of top soil and coco fibre (50/50) with a splash of vermiculite and both of them spend their time off the substrate on the side of the enclosure. The sub is dry and I'm lost as to why this is happening. I have one other...