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  1. Rs50matt

    Who's molted today???

    Grammostola Pulchra moulted yesterday. After last moult I believed it to be female but I'm now 100% sure it's a male. Still pretty so no complaints :)
  2. Rs50matt

    Top 3

    It's why they're one of my favourites. I'm personally very macho and people are intimidated by my physique and believe me to be unapproachable. Even thou I am a mountain of a man this species let's people know I have a softer side. For anyone who can't tell that I'm taking the piss I've never...
  3. Rs50matt

    Top 3

    In fairness you can say that about any T . Not the growth rate but the "show stopper". Everyone's opinion and reasons for favourites are different but I've never heard a bad thing said about a chilensis and I cannot wait for mine to reach a decent size. (Had it for about a year and it's almost...
  4. Rs50matt

    Who's molted today???

    So it turned out it's not a generic sling anymore but is starting to sport some colouration. Noticed it a while ago but difficult to catch it out to get a pic :)
  5. Rs50matt


    Just reading through and not helpful to the thread but my g pulchra moulted twice in 7 weeks and is suspect female so there's still a chance yours could be female to , fingers crossed :)
  6. Rs50matt

    B. boehmi

    Not experienced it with a bohemi myself( as I don't own one) but refusing food is very common. It doesn't always mean premoult. My Campestratus is larger but very rarely eats . 9 days is nothing to worry about. Just make sure it has water
  7. Rs50matt

    Halloween spider...

    I think people need to start placing complete moults in shops with their Halloween items. Forget the treat part. Just trick. You won't see the reactions yourself but we can all sit at home and smile knowing someone's found your gift
  8. E Campestratus

    E Campestratus

    It's that time of year where I rarely see her and she stops eating. O well :)
  9. Rs50matt

    Who's molted today???

    H Chilensis has moulted for the 3rd time this year. I would post pic but it looks like a generic sling and can't be assed to move to take 1.
  10. Rs50matt

    Watching makes for happier T's.

    I find the lack of level in the label disturbing :( Is enjoyable watching them bulldoze thou.
  11. Rs50matt

    October photo contest entries

    Grammostola Actaeon. Don't own this sling anymore but gotta love a Grammy :)
  12. Rs50matt

    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media 'Pumpkin patch large'

    Still a very small sling. I love how a lot of dwarf species get colours so early thou.
  13. Pumpkin patch large

    Pumpkin patch large

    Very rare sighting
  14. Rs50matt

    dwarf orange leg tarantula

    As Andrew said the dwarf orange leg is undescribed so not yet classified and more than likely doesn't yet have a scientific name and not available in the hobby The tarantulas they were looking for were Orphnaecus sp. blue quezon They are available in the hobby but I was gifted the one I have...
  15. Rs50matt

    The Sun Newspaper UK

    I'll be honest I used to work in the construction industry and the sun was very common . Not trying to offend anyone but in general the people in the industry on the ground (not managers in offices and that) out in the vans and stuff aren't very literate and the sun provides easy reading. This...
  16. Rs50matt

    The Sun Newspaper UK

    Ignore everything the sun says. When there's no "reality" tv to comment on they try sounding clever and make themselves sound thick . Best part of the paper used to be the tits on page 3 but that got banned
  17. Rs50matt

    A few questions about Tarantula's

    If your looking to get another enclosure I would recommend an exo terra breeding box small . About the same floor space as a nano but not as high . They're also stackable. Cheaper than a nano and provide decent ventilation. One of my go to enclosure types for grown on slings / juveniles
  18. Rs50matt

    Spider Season UK

    We've had 1 large male so far but not many . Mum thinks I put it outside but I released it in the loft... it'll only find its way back in anyway ;)
  19. Rs50matt

    spider cartoon

    I remember watching this all the time after school. If I remember rightly episodes were only about 5 minutes long? Had nothing on tots tv thou :)
  20. Rs50matt

    A few questions about Tarantula's

    It’ll be fine. Will either free them on it’s own or drop the leg and pedipalp. I had a Versi sling moult and get a leg and pedipalp stuck and it dropped them. As far as I’m aware it’s still doing just fine and will grow them back without any issue.