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    US Red, white, blue, and 10% for you!!

    Email is the fastest way to contact me. :) 10% off does not apply to shipping. Sizes are approximate. US shipping only! Bulk (excludes shipping): L. parahybana 1/3" - 5 for $20 or 10 for $30 P. regalis 3/4" - 5 for $75 or 10 for $100 P. vittata 3/4"+ - 5 for $85 or 10 for $120 Mature males...
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    US Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! 40% off everything!

    Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! 40% off everything (excludes shipping)! Sale will end Monday night 12/1/14. Minimum order of $60 before discount and shipping! US sales only. Sizes are approximate. Like my new page "Sunflower State Exotics" on Facebook to show your support and...
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    US Tarantulas for sale!

    Tarantulas for sale! Minimum order of $30 please! All sizes are approximate and measured by their stretched out leg span. --Emails will get a faster response. Molt sexed: 0.1.0 2 1/2" Juvenile A. geniculata (Giant White Knee) - $60 0.2.0 1 1/2" B. albopilosum (Curly Hair) - $24 each... 0.2.0 2"+...
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    US Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!! Sale ends Midnight on Monday 12/2! Minimum order of $20 please! All are unsexed and sizes are their approximate stretched leg span. Freebies!!--- ... When you spend (excludes shipping and only one freebie per order): Under $100 - Free baby B. albopilosum Over...