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  1. Mr.T


    this may be in the wrong thread... to the people in the UK or any people that may no... do we have jumping spiders in the UK.. And funny I'm asking a question as the little guy is sitting in the question mark
  2. Mr.T

    Can someone plz help

    The picture may not help I will try to get a better one but if anyone could help with this.. when I got it, it was displayed as avicularia avicularia Guyana but I'm not too sure any help would be great thank you guys... Pet shop purchase this is my first tarantula and after reading about how...
  3. Mr.T

    I'm thinking male but I've never sexed before

    Any info would be great thanks I'm not sure and still in the learning process but I'm thinking male... Thanks in advance....
  4. Mr.T

    Male or female?????

    Hi guys I have never sex a tarantula watch videos but I still doubt myself could you please take a look at these pictures and if they're good enough could you help me out thank you very much... Sorry if the pictures don't help but I'd thought I'd try....
  5. Mr.T

    Help with the build...

    Hello guys and gals I was looking to build some tanks for my tarantulas using perspex but I'm not too sure what I can use to put it together has anybody done this.... I take it plenty of people have, could I get some advice please that would be great, what kind of sealant did you use preferably...
  6. Mr.T

    Calling all t lovers

    Hi guys and gals... I'm wanting to get a T that Webb's alot I think it's fascinating to see a tank full of web not knowing where the tarantula is going to come from, could all you guys and gals on here give me some suggestions I'm new to keep in tarantulas so something reasonable if you guys...
  7. Mr.T

    Something I done has gone along way

    Hi guy I'm new here and this is my second post, I have a great little arboreal setup for my avicularia and after the move and introducing it into my house she's been a bit skittish always covering her eyes she's healthy and eating and after reading some of the stuff on here it's just stress and...
  8. Mr.T

    Hello to all

    Hello peeps I'm new here and I have had my first tarantula for a week now and I'm a proud owner I really think I'm hooked lol but because I'm new I have doubts at the same time so I have a few questions and after reading some of the posts mesa thinking this is the best place to ask them thank...