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    P. irminia This has easily tripled in size in The 3 months I've had it
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    Oops I did it again..

    I bought some new slings Put 6 In my cart And they came next day Now my wife hates me Oops I got 3 more free That takes it to nine new spiders I'M NOT THAT INNOCENT 3 X Davus pentaloris 2 x Brachypelma emilia 1 x Nhandu chromatus (+ 3 x freebies)
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    Daughters B. albo - Annabelle

    Finally came out for a snack after being buried for weeks to moult
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    What does a FishboyUK keep on his bedside table?

    Why a Brachypelma emilia of course! I mean, what else would it possibly be? FYI, the lamp is low wattage LED, gives off very little warmth and was only on for the photo. It's usually off and faced down the other way.
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    Exo terra plexiglass mod

    Been waiting a week for this acrylic to turn up. Luckily it fits perfectly. 2 panels for the top of a 45 x 45 exo terra measuring 415mm x 205mm and 415mm x 200mm 1 panel for the top of a exo terra nano measuring 156mm x 170mm Both in 3mm Drill some holes, small bead of silicone on lower...
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    B. albopilosum sling in ferrero rocher enclosure

    An improvement from the little pot it has outgrown. I hope it enjoys having a dig :D
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    Psalmopoeus irminia

    Sling of 4 weeks finally showed itself. Not the best pic but hooray! Adding some more pics because it came out completely yesterday.
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    Just joined. My daughter and I got our first T's 3 weeks back (we now have 13). She's been obsessed for the last 3 years and I've kept various exotics, mostly reptiles for the last 12 years so I thought why not. I started researching for her months back in preparation for her birthday and I got...