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  1. Huntzman90

    Death curl??

    Ok so this is a lot to read but i wanted to be thorough.. My Caribena Laeta pink toe has been very lathargic over the past couple of weeks. I have recently rehoused it into a smaller enclosure (last one was too large.) Its been roughly two months since it has last fed and has not shown any...
  2. Huntzman90

    Exo terra : anyone had this problem?

    Ok so its been roughly a month since ive seen my Brachypelma Albopilosum.. Which is a little odd as its usually quite active even in pre-molt. Well today i discovered why... Its decided to burrow behind the styrofoam background. Ive since cleared more substrate from the 'burrow entrance' (a...
  3. Huntzman90

    Uh oh, looks like mold!

    Ok im a bit of a noob at this. So i need some advice from the experts. I just rehoused my B. Albopilosum for the first time since getting it (unsexed) as a tiny sling. The reptile store owner suggested using a fairly large container with a fairly large hide. He said the T would grow into it...