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  1. SikmT7

    Quite The Scare

    Was going to check on and mist the enclosure for my P. victori last night, saw my sling laying there with the appendages curled under, (thought it was the dreaded death curl) I gave her a little nudge with a moistened Q tip and she began to sluggishly move but was struggling to move, even froze...
  2. SikmT7

    US T's for sale, you don't want to pass these deals up! UPDATE: ALL SOLD OUT!

    What up T family! I need to downsize my collection some due to the fact that my schedule has been so busy recently. I'm selling 8 of my T's to anyone on here that would give them the utmost love and care that they deserve. I live in central New Jersey so if anyone wants to pick them up I'm...
  3. SikmT7

    3 AM Escapee

    Good morning fam! I had quite the encounter earlier this morning. Going back about 3 days ago, I had to clean out the cork bark slab for my male M. balfouri. He was quite skittish bolting around the enclosure but not defensive at all. I redesigned his husbandry and adjusted it to better suit his...
  4. SikmT7

    Spring Tails

    Any thoughts on spring tails? A good friend of mine is going to send me some. I have done a little research on them as I have heard they are enclosure janitors, cleaning left over bolus, mold, or anything that may pose a bacterial threat to the T's. Would anyone in here reccomend them? I was...
  5. SikmT7

    US Rahhh1983

    I just picked up a N. Coloratovillosus from @Rahhh1983 Wonderful T, absolutely gorgeous! Mike went the extra mile and kept prompt communication with me suffice being in the midst of selling 60 T's. Very professional, tarantula was well kept, very knowledgeable guy. I originally wanted an A...
  6. SikmT7

    Anyone heard of this rare jewel?

    What up arachnofamily I was intrigued when I came across the Birupes simoroxigorum. Supposedly it was just recently discovered in Sarawak in Malaysia, it has been highly controversial as to it being sold in the hobby as illegal and also as to who and when this species was discovered. Read an...
  7. SikmT7

    US Anyone have a genic for sale?

    Looking for an A. geniculata even a sling, hit me up people!
  8. SikmT7

    Stirmi or Blondi?

    Been wanting another bird eater which is better T. stirmi or T blondi?
  9. SikmT7

    How to delete media

    Does anyone know how I can delete my own media and threads?
  10. SikmT7

    Takedown Of The Month

    Yo family, hit me with some dope feeding videos and let's have a contest of the best takedown of the month! I know October is almost over so this will be for the month of November. Final entries November 24th by midnight. @Enn49 @Phil @Arachnoclown @mrsoul1974 @Jess S @IamKrush @TarantulaFan1014...
  11. SikmT7

    B. boehmi

    I have a juvenile female Brachypelma boehmi that is about 2.5 to 3 inches, she molted a month and a half ago and only ate 5 crickets since then. I just went to feed her a large cricket tonight and she refused it after not eating after 9 days. She has refused feedings before and then accepted...
  12. SikmT7

    US Tom Patterson

    Just recieved a B. verdezi, G. pulchripes, and an A. hentzi from Tom today. Tom is an awesome vendor! Very professional, excellent customer service, great communication, outstanding packing, and very reasonable prices! The icing on the cake, he threw in 2 freebies (another A. hentzi and a N...
  13. SikmT7

    My first breeding project

    What up my arachnid family! I'm a noob at breeding and about to get into an M. balfouri project soon. I'm taking counsel in your expertise, guidance and discretion is much appreciated, thanks for the pointers!
  14. SikmT7

    US A. hentzi

    Looking for a female Aphonopelma hentzi, anyone have one for sale?
  15. SikmT7

    US pamphobeteus sp solaris

    Looking for this one even if it is a sling. PM me my peoples!
  16. SikmT7

    A moderatum husbandry

    What's up my T family? I have an A moderatum that's about 1 1/4 inches and was looking for best husbandry suggestions for this species. At night it gets a little overactive trying to always climb out of the container that it's in. I provided a hide, source of water, and the substrate is coconut...
  17. SikmT7

    My male C. darlingi will not eat

    When I first acquired my C. darlingi it was a spiderling and I raised it up with all its environmental needs and it was quite a voracious eater! He has molted several times 6 to be exact in 1 Year and I saw the tibial hooks finally appear. He just molted in October and since then he only ate 1...
  18. SikmT7

    Unhappy T?

    I have just received a magnificent looking 2.5 in B. Smithi which has escaped her enclosure the following day. Fortunately, I recovered her about 2 hours after she escaped, I found her walking on my ceiling, 10 feet above my floor! I checked her thoroughly and she is not injured in any way...
  19. SikmT7

    Eupalaestrus Campestratus Molt

    Greetings all, I am posting this thread in regards to my Pink Zebra Beauty and her extended fast. When I first purchased her, she was very active, almost constantly walking around her terrarium, drinking water, and even setting up shop in her home by digging ditches in the sphagnum peat moss...
  20. SikmT7


    My name is Jason D, 36 from NJ and I have been a tarantula keeper for over 15 years. I currently own a juvenile Pink Zebra Beauty, a Brazilian Black sling, and just recently purchased a female sub adult Costa Rican Zebra. I am interested in this forum for various reasons including, having people...