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  1. Whitelightning777

    I finally found my ultimate dream car

    I tried and failed to restore a 1970 Cougar in my 20s because I ran out of money. I've searched for years to find one that wasn't a rolling disaster or a "ship in a bottle". It seems that they are either worth 55 cents or $55,000. I found, at last, a daily driver at a reasonable price that...
  2. Whitelightning777

    pokies and corkbark

    Yes, you can still see your pokie if you provide a corkbark hide. This is Morgana, my female P striata. Like my P vittata specimens, the females are less photosensitive then the males are. Of course, this could be a coincidence, but it's still an interesting pattern. Here is a short video...
  3. Whitelightning777

    Two slings updated status

    Here is my first video on my first ever dwarf species that I have, pumpkin patch large form. The Spinnerette magazine for this species has already been put out there on Patreon, but I want sure and didn't want to give away anything. Here is another update on my E olivacea sling, aka...
  4. Whitelightning777

    B sabolsum slings progress

    They are doing very well and getting that striking red and black appearance that they are so known for. Anyway, enjoy the video and as always when watching any YouTube video, be sure to read the description.
  5. Whitelightning777

    Species I don't have

    So, tell me about Poecilotheria miranda. I'm probably not going to go there but either this one or P metallica would be the next logical pokie if you already have 4 to begin with.
  6. Whitelightning777

    I must've lost my mind

    I almost caught myself seriously thinking about getting a Singapore blue sling, about 1" to 2" because I have a spare full sized arboreal cage. I figured that a very small flower pot in a corner with substrate would be a great place for them to make that burrow with the silk sock that they use...
  7. Whitelightning777

    Triple Pokie rehousings

    Skip to the 5 minute mark if you just want to see the actual rehousings and not how the cages work and so on. I put in more detail then usual because someone else might want or need to know this. No tarantulas nor Nyx the cat were harmed in the making of this video. Nyx is still looking...
  8. Whitelightning777

    My L klugi is in premolt again

    She's gonna be huge!! The underside of her abdomen is practically all black. I grew her from a sling just an inch or two in size when I got her. I'm just hoping she doesn't outgrow her 5 gallon cage, which is supposed to be her forever home. These are great for all experience levels if you...
  9. Whitelightning777

    I never would've believed this

    This guy has done a lot of interesting things with his tarantulas. In this case, wouldn't it be better if the palps were removed well before the molt would happen? Maybe very early premolt ??? In theory, the T would be sterile but able to survive for quite some extra time. I assume that...
  10. Whitelightning777

    Trade my MM P sp machala for 3 M balfouri slings

    I'd love to get this handsome fellow to a breeder. No 50/50. If your pairing succeeds, you keep all the Pamphobetous slings. He is truly one of my most awesome Ts ever bar none & I basically don't want him to die a virgin. I'd like to get 3 M balfouri slings because I want to do a communal in...
  11. Whitelightning777

    The saga continues...

    I'm still trying to make sure my MM (& totally awesome) P sp machala, aka Percy doesn't for alone as a virgin. Where are all the breeders out there? Has anyone else been in a situation where you have a great MM, but don't quite know who is cultivating them right now?
  12. Whitelightning777

    My E olivacea sling, aka Critter, after his first meal settled in

    Here's his first post feeding video. I was free handing the phone so I had to take the first minute getting the settings right. If you get a box around the video, switch YouTube to desktop mode if you're looking at this on your phone. I got this sling from Jamie's. It's a little bit pricey...
  13. Whitelightning777

    P striata Morgana's cage makeover

    This is how one helps the odds that a suspect female is actually a female!! Since all my pokies that haven't been rehoused yet are being moved soon, I basically dare Morgana to do her worst!! Besides, the tree thing whatever it is was falling apart and needed reinforcement. This was done and...
  14. Whitelightning777

    New E olivacea sling aka Critter

    The little one seems to be very chilled. I disabled a large cricket, a meal fit for a king, and put it by him. The thing can do literally nothing but squirm. Therefore he's fine. He ignored it when it landed elsewhere in the cage because he's settled on one location. Maybe with all the stuff...
  15. Whitelightning777

    This is....

    ....how the average person envisions tarantulas. If they were feminists, it would be even more funny!!
  16. Whitelightning777

    helpful hint

    Ever lose the clear plastic that you put on the top of a cage to increase humidity a little for those who appreciate it? This is annoying because even though it's right under your nose, it takes a half hour to find. Obviously, you write this in the upper side facing up, not facing down...
  17. Whitelightning777

    New cage build -- No longer lonely

    I just ordered a E olivacea sling from Jamie's. $90 is expensive, but it's like an OBT at a black tie party in a way. If it wasn't so much, I would've gotten 2 of them. Here's the cage I built. I guess you can say that I was screwing around. Since this is a juvenile cage, the T will...
  18. Whitelightning777

    US My male P sp machala matured

    He just matured & he'll be ready to ship after I get him to eat, next week Wednesday or Thursday. I want to trade him, not sell him. In exchange I want 1 or two E olivacea slings Or 3+ M balfouri slings. Or (highly unlikely) P ornata sling. (Which has to be in Maryland only for to...
  19. Whitelightning777

    More P so machala awesomeness

    You just gotta get into this genus. Keep him or breed him, that's the question!!
  20. Whitelightning777

    3 B sabolsum slings rehoused

    Here I rehoused three of my slings. These guys are a very docile species that you can even pinch grab if needed, but of course it's best not to do so if possible. The shortcuts here will not work with faster, more defensive or old world species. That's what iis so nice about brachys. You...