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  1. Thivo

    Hello all

    Hello there Andrew and welcome to the forum... I also have phobia with other unusual insects and large spiders... But now it lessen, and I know that having T's helps to lessen my fear on huge spiders...
  2. Thivo

    Tarantula tank setup ?

    Yeah.... G. Pulchra and B.Albo is best for beginners as well you can enclosed them in a Planted Terrarium... But for GBB, somehow it can be as long as you have an enough space for your Plant and as well for your T's to roam around... For B.smithi which habitat is from savanna, scrubland and...
  3. Thivo

    Tarantula tank setup ?

    Hi ilMadli and welcome to the forum... I guess you want to have a nice landscapes of your enclosures... On my own opinion, if you like to add those plants, I suggest look for some T's which is from tropical area... There are lots of T's specie from South America and Asia...Check the Brachypelma...
  4. Thivo

    want a T again

    Hi there Gex... First of all welcome to the club... As I read your thread, it seems like now your really getting excited to have another T's... This hobby is really addictive :D... If you like Avicularia, those are also great T's as what I have, they are not that so skittish and once they...
  5. Thivo

    New to the site.

    Hi Ace and welcome to the forum... Nice T's you have there...
  6. Thivo

    2 newly built enclosures for ??

    For sure they will be more happier after accumulation... Their mansions has lot of space for them to roam around and later on they will start webbing...
  7. Thivo

    freshly molted

    Yup! Your right... Female's live longer than male and they have bigger abs which makes them more look bulkier...
  8. Thivo


    Ouch! That's a sad news... I am observing him/her everyday and it looks well... He/she is eating, I cut all the legs of a small roach and place it in front of his/her mouth... Just waiting for it to molt and I hope those missing legs will regen...
  9. Thivo

    freshly molted

    Hi there... I am not a quite sure but let me try to make a guess... I think it's a Female... because the distance between anterior pair of booklungs is wide apart from one another... And it seems there is a smiling curve... :)
  10. Thivo

    new aquire!

    Nice enclosure and spacious...
  11. Thivo

    My DIY Enclosures

    Yeah they are... I guess all of my T's are lucky... and I am also lucky to have them...
  12. Thivo


    I know the feelings, I can relate much on your situation now... It happens to my P.Cambrigei who got a bad molt and trapped some if its legs... But hs/she's a survivor, and till now it keeps on struggling even in 4 legs and one leg is damage too... Like Therasoid said, put pre-killed cricket or...
  13. Thivo

    LP Advice

    Hi there... Well, about taking care of LP, mine was the smallest of all T's that I have and it molted twice already... Here is it's photo... Sorry for the second photo for it is blurred, trying to maximize the macro focus of my mobile phone... So imagine how tiny they were when I received...
  14. Thivo

    hi all newbie here

    Hi there Neil and welcome... Share to us your T's...
  15. Thivo

    My T's collection "Newbie"

    Thanks PamCz... Yeah! That is why I don't want to miss the chance when I see them molting... I quickly grab my mobile phone and take a shot and video...
  16. Thivo

    My DIY Enclosures

    Finish another enclosure for B.Vagans, and I just make the door sliding on top... I didn't put any holes for air ventilation on top lid, and I am not sure if it is fine or not... Size is 30cm x 30cm x 21cm
  17. Thivo

    Finally saying hi!

    Hi there Steff and welcome aboard... You've got a nice Chilean Rose and and OBT...
  18. Thivo

    Fuzzball's picture thread

    Pretty collection you've got and with extra visitor...
  19. Thivo

    My collection

    Nice photo thread...
  20. Thivo

    My T's collection "Newbie"

    One of my Chaco again molted... I've noticed that they molt fast now... This G.Pulchripes just molted last month, 21st of April 2015 and yesterday it molted again... By the way her/his name is Cho'Gath and my other G.P. is Gangplank... :D