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  1. Enn49

    Who's molted today???

    2 moults today Neostenotarsus sp Suriname, Winti. I seem to have waited forever for this one to moult Heterothele villosella, Zanzibar
  2. Enn49

    Tarantula in mouth? Handling Q’s

    No tarantulas like to be handled but some will tolerate it. Handling should only be attempted over a soft surface so if the tarantula falls or jumps it can't hurt or worse kill itself. Anyone who puts any tarantula in their mouth is an idiot. Think of the discomfort if the tarantula kicked hair...
  3. Enn49

    Hi I’m Alex

    Hi Alexander, welcome. :) Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  4. Enn49

    Takedown Of The Month

    I decided that as people have been posting in Media as well as here it will make my job easier and mean I don't miss any if you could post your entries here https://tarantulaforum.com/threads/november-2019-photo-video-contest-entries.25245/. If you can't post the video could you please post a...
  5. Enn49

    November 2019 Photo/Video contest entries

    Entries are invited for this months contest which will be for feeding takedowns (videos or photos accepted). Last date for entries will be Thursday 28th at midnight BST. Remember only 1 entry per person. As many of you have already submitted entries in the Media could I ask you to please...
  6. Enn49


    Hi Lisa, welcome :) . Brachys like dry substrate but you do right to get it onto coco fibre.
  7. Enn49

    Tarantula Males

    They live such a short time once they have matured compared to females.
  8. Haplopus Columbia gross - Tairona

    Haplopus Columbia gross - Tairona

  9. Plesiopelma longisternale - Toba

    Plesiopelma longisternale - Toba

  10. Enn49

    Who's molted today???

    Orphnaecus philippinus, Tabon. has moulted today
  11. Enn49

    Hi! I'm Kari.

    Hi Kari, welcome :). I'm sure you'll get some great advice here.
  12. Enn49

    Intro: hi I’m TurtleManDan

    :) Hi and welcome
  13. Enn49

    Daughters B. albo - Annabelle

    I totally agree and yes I got the spelling wrong :oops:
  14. Enn49

    Who's molted today???

    Lere, my Psalmopoeus cambridgei, has moulted again just 3 weeks since its last one
  15. Enn49

    Daughters B. albo - Annabelle

    Got to love a curly :). There has been a name change and B. albo is now Tlitocatl albopilosum (see https://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/brachypelma-reclassification.25218/#post-161485)
  16. Enn49

    Not an introduction, but a potential goodbye.

    No, no, I was only bothered as I wasn't around to delete it as soon as it was posted.
  17. Enn49

    Not an introduction, but a potential goodbye.

    We are not prepared to tolerate such behaviour from anyone. He is banned and I apologise to you for not removing it sooner.
  18. Enn49

    Top 3

    They're not show stoppers but they have great personalities, no fear and quite happy to wander onto your hand :D
  19. Enn49

    Not an introduction, but a potential goodbye.

    I totally agree with @Phil, most of us suffer losses at times in fact I have just lost my C. laeta adult female at 5 years old and I don't understand why. Please, please don't give up.
  20. Enn49

    Slings in Viles.

    I just trickle a few drops of water down one side of the vial a couple of times a week. I do have holes in the lids but not in the sides although I lift the lid every day to let a bit of fresh air in, okay if you only have a few Ts in vials but no fun if you have a lot.