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  1. Grammostola in my heart

    any good scorp/pede sellers?

    just looking for some new inverts
  2. Grammostola in my heart


    hey guys, i found a nice website selling a p metallica for $150 and $40 shipping
  3. Grammostola in my heart

    US looking for a camel spider

    hey guys im sorry its been awhile but i was thinking about getting into camel spiders and i want to get an ideo of how much one costs . if anybody has a camel spider for sale, please reply
  4. Grammostola in my heart

    US $90 mature male b.vagans

    $90. its negotiable, but i think 90 is good for this guy.
  5. Grammostola in my heart

    US MM b.Vagans for sale

    never sold a t before.... heh. idk how much hes worth. hes a month or two out of his molt, and he's at least six inches (he wont stay still for very long) hes eating and drinking well. over all, very healthy.
  6. Grammostola in my heart


    hey there! i just bought some peat moss and was wondering; if given enough substrate, will a rosie dig?
  7. Grammostola in my heart


    HELP! my versi sling hasnt eaten for 2 weeks. She's drinking the droplets of water on the side of her enclosure, but she wont eat. she's about 3/4" to 1". will i have to forcefeed? how do i do that with such a small sling? Advice is much appreciated.
  8. Grammostola in my heart

    US chilobrachys guangxiensis

    I hear the Chinese fawn is really cool, and I would love to have one. Anyone selling?
  9. Grammostola in my heart

    US MM B vagans fresh!

    I'll do a trade. If the male dies, I'll refund you. If he breeds, I'll take 30% of profit. All you pay is shipping.
  10. Grammostola in my heart

    pill jar?

    i have a half inch versi and i wanna put it in a pill jar, but there were pills in it and there is a smell to the jar. i washed it thoroughly multiple times. is it alright if i put the versi in there? the smell is very faint.
  11. Grammostola in my heart

    pulchripes doing something weird

    my g pulchripes is acting strange. shes really skittish (normally, the only way to make her move is to feed her) shes walled herself inside her little flower pot hide. is this a sign of an upcoming molt?
  12. Grammostola in my heart


    im worried... my t's have been excreting a clear fluid from their mouths..... what is this? is it vomit? are they sick? whats wrong?!?
  13. Grammostola in my heart

    p irminia care?

    Hey guys! ive been wanting to buy a p irminia for a long time, and i found a 3/4" sling for $18 at jamiestarantulas. id like to know about the species. is $18 a good price? whats their temperament? are they arboreal? yours truly, Jacob
  14. Grammostola in my heart

    i got my versi and im LOVING HER

    So, my versi came in the mail yesterday, and she was so lively! (thanks steven stamps!) so lively in fact, that she got out of her cage and tried to enter my gbb's enclosure! i patched up the hole and put her back. i fed her, which i know you arent supposed to do so soon, but because she seemed...
  15. Grammostola in my heart

    US stamps

    this guy....... just..... this guy is awesome! the t ( an a versicolor) was so lively!the packing was impeccable! this guy is one of the best dealers ive ordered from! 1000% review!
  16. Grammostola in my heart

    climbing rosie?

    hey! my rosie is constantly climbing. i just moved her to a 5 gallon tank, and she climbed the silicon glue,and nearly fell. so i put her in a temp enclosure so the 5 gal could dry (yes i know about the humididty thing) but shes still climbing even though shes on bone dry substrate. help!
  17. Grammostola in my heart

    US stamps?

    hey, does anyone know if stamps tarantulas is a good dealer? i ordered a versi from him, and he was supposed to ship it today, and notify me with shipping details, which he HASNT. should i be afraid?
  18. Grammostola in my heart

    US Latrodectus Geometricus for all you widow fans!

    Im here in florida, and there are brown widows, EVERYWHERE. if you want, i can sell sacs, or i can sell females. sadly, i have no males. but if you buy a sac or two, theres a good chance youll find a male or two. talk to me, and we can set up a fair price. :D
  19. Grammostola in my heart

    US MM rosea

    hey! my female pink color g rosea is maturing soon, shes in premolt for her mature molt. i was wondering if anyone had a LARGE mature male. i want a big one so she cant eat him. ill trade slings, this is big for me cuz its my first breeding project. yes, i know g rosea eat the sac very often...