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  1. Martin Oosthuysen

    Poecilotheria Metallica Breeding

    Hello I have bred a few specimens before, but this was different from all the others in many ways. Got the male yesterday,added him this morning. There was literally no pause and I mean nothing at all,it took one tap and 5 seconds for response and first insertion. In a few minutes I counted 10...
  2. Martin Oosthuysen

    Club Tiger

    Hello Everyone Please feel free to post photos here of your tiger specimens,like Malaysian Earth tigers usually Asian specimens with the tiger added into its common name. Cyriopagopus and Haplopelma,are some of the genera that have these.
  3. Martin Oosthuysen

    Let's divide fact and fiction

    Please post your fotos with your largest specimens measured Rules: - no claiming a size unless measured on that photo - no unclear photos - clear view of the measuring instrument - full stretch diagonal leg span - added bonus for showing fang length - added bonus for showing body length -...
  4. Martin Oosthuysen

    Haplopelma Schmidti dark form

    Okay I need some help,I have a sexed young female Haplopelma Schmidti dark form,If I do pair her is it an issue if I pair her with a normal color form ?
  5. Martin Oosthuysen

    Male Tarantulas Lacking Tibial hooks/spurs

    This is from another forum,all honor to those involved. Please feel free to add any that are not listed,please attach a photo if possible. Oviously some may have been reclassified under new genera,but this is just a guideline. ACTUAL LINK WHERE THIS WAS COPIED FROM...
  6. Martin Oosthuysen

    Please look at the following

    http://www.tarantulaforum.com/threads/tarantula-forum-community-guidelines.21/ Please read this,recently we have had an incident which I feel we could have avoided. Make sure to look through this,and enjoy the forum and respect fellow members. If something is not clear in the above link,please...
  7. Martin Oosthuysen


    Hello I am not like some collectors,I have some experience on tarantulas difficult dangerous etc. Still I know when to ask for help,I received 2 p.sazimai specimens one is around 8cm dls or more thw other too small to mention haha. So what I need to know is,I have set them up with enough...
  8. Martin Oosthuysen

    Chilobrachys Genus

    Let's have a fun exercise,please post your Chilobrachys specimen photos with their scientific name and common as it was sold to you.
  9. Martin Oosthuysen

    Once and for all Communal being used

    Okay I have had about enough of people when they read communal falling of the bus and not reading clearly,I will paste the applicable definitions unless they'd like to rewrite the English dictionary. This is now happening due to the fact,that on another forum communal setup is not acceptable and...
  10. Martin Oosthuysen

    My Regalis communal

    They have been together for a few years,the first male who died off naturally only tried mating the largest female. Now there is a new male,and he has literally mated all the large females and is even now trying to mate with a smaller female which in my opinion isn't ready since she is way...
  11. Martin Oosthuysen

    Bad Molt and applied Solution

    Okay I received 3 Avicularia species recently,little more than a day ago. I posted a photo and noted the one looks in pre molt, in fact the early the next morning it molted. Sadly this was my first time to see a Bad molt ever, I suspected the T on receiving it wasn't hydrated enough. Upon...
  12. Martin Oosthuysen

    Moving of Threads

    Hello to all old and new members,please read the following and help Josh out. We need to know which threads you'd like moved to genus specified sub forums ? Josh is taking on a huge task,and I hope that you'd all help in this matter. I will post some of the sub forums below for your scrutiny,so...
  13. Martin Oosthuysen

    Acanthoscurria Reclassification

    Hello everyone Me and one other member have had a fun discussion about the following - A.Broncklehursti - A.Ferina That have both been reclassified as jnr synonyms for a different Acanthoscurria specimen(Theraphosoides). I will add the appropriate links etc.
  14. Martin Oosthuysen

    Sorry for being away for a week

    I apologise for being away for a week,I had an expo to do. I also had the pleasure to work closely with Ice T and coco,they are truly awesome people ! Really love their fans,I can't say I saw them once refuse or shy away from interacting.
  15. Martin Oosthuysen

    Review Regarding South African Supplier

    Hello I thought I'd share what my experience was with a South African T and reptile supplier. - Packaging I've not received such a well packed package before,there was layer upon layer of protective material tape bubble wrap etc. When I got to the T,that was after I almost felt I broke into...
  16. Martin Oosthuysen


    Here I will just add some fun things and experiences and my personal view on the genus,my personal views aren't rules or laws but from a perspective of a normal hobbyist. Type species: Avicularia avicularia Transferred to other genera: Avicularia annulipes → Euoplos annulipes(Idiopidae)...
  17. Martin Oosthuysen

    Bad Molt

    Okay I received 3 Avicularia species recently,little more than a day ago. I posted a photo and noted the one looks in pre molt, in fact the early the next morning it molted. Sadly this was my first time to see a Bad molt ever, I suspected the T on receiving it wasn't hydrated enough. Upon...
  18. Martin Oosthuysen

    I just want to share something

    I had the privilege to help two people so far, this is just sharing one of the two stories. He had arachnophobia, so he got to see my specimens and even saw their daily things they do. He saw they weren't as vicious as people make them out to be,where I blame the media the most. After a while he...
  19. Martin Oosthuysen

    Conservation the good,the bad and the ugly

    Hello everyone I think this is something that everyone could have discussed or wondered about at some stage, so I am going to open this up for discussion . I want to see peoples views,also input. Conservation is a must, either the specie or its habitat being preserved. I'm not an employed...
  20. Martin Oosthuysen

    Look at this Mantis

    Found this on my Google+ www.keepinginsects.com/praying-mantis/species/orchid-mantis/