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  1. m0lsx

    I was down to 7 small slings.

    Having rehoused a few of my slings over the past couple of months into larger enclosures. I was down to just 7 small slings & then I spotted an advert on preowned yesterday evening. Someone very local to me was selling 2 X T albopilosus, (Nigerian,) slings. 1 X Lasiodora striatipes sling 1 X...
  2. m0lsx

    Resin water dishes.

    How do others find these? I have several from different brands & of different sizes & none of them seem to be capable of holding water, not for even a few hours. I stopped using these commercial dishes for this reason & now have a small collection of them in a carrier bag. These I mainly...
  3. m0lsx

    Covid, doorstep purchase, beware.

    I have jut got home with a new purchase. I brought it off someone local-ish who had purchased it & not known what they were doing. All they knew was it was a young Singapore blue. The enclosure was a largish plastic tank about 8 X 14 X 8 inches deep. (20 X 36 X 20 cm.) With various bits...
  4. m0lsx

    Aldi, selling Dymo label makers.

    I was at Aldi earlier & picked up one of their sales broachers & from Thursday 13th (August.) Aldi will have Dymo label makers for £14.99. These make great enclosure labels, I brought one from Aldi several months ago & it works great, even with cheap label rolls off ebay. And from Sunday 16th...
  5. m0lsx

    Five acre insect zoo to open in Norfolk

    I have just noticed the following on my local evening news website. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/business/bugz-uk-to-open-zoo-at-lenwade-1-6783135
  6. m0lsx

    Watch lightning strikes in realtime.

    This being the season of lightning here in the UK, I thought I would link to the following site. It allows you too watch lightning strikes on a map as they happen. Anywhere in the world. What happens is some enthusiasts have receivers that listen for lightning strikes. We know the speed a radio...
  7. m0lsx

    Do I sell my males?

    I have a few juvenile males & I have been wondering today if it makes sense to sell them. Not because I want to get rid of them, but because I am wondering if they will be better off with someone who breeds, than with us.
  8. m0lsx

    Spider plants in enclosures?

    I know it sounds like a joke question, but it's not. Does anyone use spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) in their enclosures? I keep thinking I ought to make my stirmi's enclosure nicer for her & it occurred to me that spider plants have several advantages. 1. They are robust plants with a...
  9. m0lsx

    Soil steralisation.

    I found the following online & although aimed at gardeners I thought it may help some. Or even possibly produce some debate about the use of top soil, treated or untreated. https://herbsathome.co/how-to-sterilize-soil/ Target Temp Organisms Killed...
  10. m0lsx

    Superglued leg rupture.

    My B albiceps molted, at last night. We have had it for about 8 months & this was it's first molt with us & it looks gorgeous in its new coat. Plus we managed to get a sex it is a female. So all was good. Then we noticed a blob of liquid on, or very close to, a leg joint, which dropped off & was...
  11. m0lsx

    Pallid roaches.

    Anyone keep Pallid Roaches (Phoetalia pallida)? I recently got a starter colony & they are so fast, that they make an old world T look slow. I am having to put the enclosure into the fridge before I do anything, otherwise just taking the lid off results in 15minutes of roach catching as I try...
  12. m0lsx

    U.K. Bugzuk

    We discovered we had lost our hati hati yesterday evening. We had not seen it for weeks, it's food was remaining uneaten, so I checked & after a thorough check of the substrate, nothing. So my wife decided to order a replacement & as she was ordering I said, I'll have a Hadogenes troglodytes &...
  13. m0lsx

    Pets at home.

    I have just been to pets at home to buy some crickets. There were only two tubs there & at least 25% were dead in both of the tubs. So I asked about price as there was no way I was paying £2.75 for 75% or less of a tub, especially when I can pay £2.00 for a whole new tub tomorrow from a local...
  14. m0lsx

    TSS posting again.

    As some here may not be on the email list for The Spider Shop. I have just received an email to say they are posting again.
  15. m0lsx

    Clean up crew for ****roaches.

    So I started with a Tarantula. Just one. Then I got a couple of Scorpions, then some Praying Mantis, then some roaches including some hissing. Then just before TSS closed due to this Coronavirus, I spotted the Emerald Roaches (Pseudoglomeris magnifica.) So when TTS reopens I really have to...
  16. m0lsx


    My wife & I ordered some T's from spiderworld.eu a few weeks ago & due to the weather they were not posted until last Monday. The tracking shows them as leaving Poland on Tuesday & then nothing, which as I understand it is normal with Royal Mail who do not bother putting foreign mail into the...
  17. m0lsx

    Been there, done that. Now got the t shirt.

    I spotted some T shirts on ebay a few days ago, that may interest some here. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aphonopelma-johnnycashi-T-Shirt-Tarantula-named-after-Johnny-Cash-spider-tee/191800472580?hash=item2ca832f404:m:mg_2O9ZE7RQUQVYTzFItIbA
  18. m0lsx


    Yesterday evening I rehoused 2 of my juvenile T's from Deli tubs to small enclosures. The first was Chilobrachys dyscolus blue, which is I think the most prolific webber I own. The other was my wifes Poecilotheria rufilata. Both are currently around 1.5 to 2 inches & I decided to move them...
  19. m0lsx

    The Life History of Euscorpius Flavicaudis.

    If anyone has not used it before. JSTOR is a legitimate online library that contains a lot of academic papers & was originally set up in the 90's as a library of academic papers. So registering to read papers is not a risk. It is a legitimate & well worth joining site. Looking around I found...
  20. m0lsx

    Ideas for a couple of under valued slings.

    My sling viles are slowly starting to decrease & I have nothing that I really want as a sling, so I have been wondering what I should do. The first option is nothing. But my A johnnycashi & H chilensis slings are very slow growing & it's nice to have something a little faster growing, if only...