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  1. SpiderDad61

    Not a T, but a T-reat

    Saved this female wolf spider. Weeks later, she was carrying around her egg sac, and this morning, look what I found.....soooo cute.
  2. SpiderDad61

    Goliath hurt

    Last week my female burgundy Goliath, RAMBO, molted out of the blue.....she’s big, at least 10”+ she hasn’t moved much. Cleaning her enclosure I noticed an issue with her right side both book lungs. The rearmost one has a white chalky substance on the edges, like coming out of it...very little...
  3. SpiderDad61

    Need help NOW!!!!! What do I do

    Checked my Ts and see this. My first ever t, g porteri laying on belly, starting to molt. She's barely moving and don't look right. Never had a T molt like this. I don't know how long she's been like this, or if she's ok.
  4. SpiderDad61

    Caught him....

    B albop making sperm web and "filling up". Last pic, just right and above flash, u can see cloudy liquid-looking drop. That's the sperm. He was moving and grooving all over. Then, just like that, tore it down.
  5. SpiderDad61

    Someone's mad at me

  6. SpiderDad61

    X immanis molted

    pushed the molt right off and into this pose
  7. SpiderDad61

    Still gonna sell me those tubs of mealworms?

    Lmk. PayPal ready thx
  8. SpiderDad61

    Toofless genic

    My daughter wanted me to take a pic of the poor fangless genic. She said the way it's laying makes it look like a blooming flower.
  9. SpiderDad61

    My run of bad luck continues

    My Genic sling rolled on its back to molt this morning. Happy times right? Well, just checked to see it finished but something was instantly wrong. Lost BOTH fangs in the process!!!! 2 little nubs where the white fangs should be. Never had any molt/fang issues with and Ts before. Can this poor...
  10. SpiderDad61

    P carpenteri, "Sulawesi"

    Here is SuEllen, attacking a cricket. Aggressive
  11. SpiderDad61

    Feeding vid w/ music

    I can never get all my Ts to want to eat the same day, but here are a few
  12. SpiderDad61

    Yay. Xenesthis sp. black fire molted

    I always get nervous with high priced Ts so when a molt goes good it's a good time
  13. SpiderDad61

    N chromatus death curl

    My juvi N chromatus hasn't been doing well the past month. It hasn't been eating and has been constantly climbing the top sides like it's been trying to get away from something. From tiny sling til this time, it has been a normal eating and molting T. Never roaming or climbing like this. 2 days...
  14. SpiderDad61

    Mature male T's and eating/appetite

    Ur thoughts and opinions. All of my MM ts seem to eat ALOT less after they mature. Up until this point, they are ravenous, aggressive eaters and now they eat once a week at the very most. Sometimes longer. It seems odd to me this happens, but perhaps it's a normal thing? Maybe their consumed...
  15. SpiderDad61

    iPhone 7 plus camera test

    Of all my Ts my male ornata was the only one not camera shy for the camera quality test. Not too bad.
  16. SpiderDad61

    Poor, eaten H villosella

    My little communal of 3 H villosella is now 2. One of them ate another one. I drop 3 baby crickets in their web entrance so they each have a meal. Sometimes they eat and sometimes they don't. I've never seen them aggressive toward each other, but I guess something changed. Hope it don't go from...
  17. SpiderDad61

    Here's a size comparison.

    Can't get my hard ruler next to RAMBO so I measured a piece of paper, then put that piece of paper next to RAMBO as a size comparison. U get the idea. Shes not the biggest of course but She's pretty big I think. Also, u can see she isn't really stretched out either.
  18. SpiderDad61

    First time I've seen this.....

    My Sulawesi black molted 8 days ago. It has an intricate web tunnel up against the enclosure glass and cork bark, so it's impossible to retrieve the molt. I figured it'd drag it out like most do. Well today I dropped a cricket in, and coaxed it toward the burrow opening. Like lightning the...
  19. SpiderDad61

    My 2 new additions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Harpactira pulchripes, "golden blue leg baboon" AND Xenesthis sp "black fire"/"Colombian black fire". The H pulch is showing a lil color, but the X is just a bald, long legged mess right now, lol. Also it's only been 4 hours n the H pulch already ate a cricket and is webbing up the entire...
  20. SpiderDad61

    Anyone keep ur molts?

    Although I have a notebook where I have every detail of every T I have noted, like purchase date and size, molt dates and size differences, etc.... I also keep every molt of every T I own. Each T has its own vial or container for the molts. I don't kno why but at least i can visibly see the size...