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    B Albiceps not eating

    Hi guys I bought a female brachypelma albiceps back in jan/ Feb from @Phil the tarantula looks fine has a big abdomen and a bold butt from kicking hairs but refusing food every time I attempt to feed her. I know they can go months without eating but starting to worry a bit Cheers
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    New Ts

    Hi guys my ever growing family just got bigger Theraphosa stirmi female 7cm which turned out to be at least 12 cm Nhandu chromatus female 7cm Lasiodora parahybana 3cm Grammostola pulchripes 7cm Theraphosa stirmi 4cm Cant help myself I think we need a helpline on this site:T::p
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    Male and female theraphosa stirmi

    Hi guys if any one is interested pure exotic have 7cm Male and female t stirmi for sale £120 for both Based in uk
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    New arboreal

    Hi guys thinking of getting a new arboreal already got a p met and avicularia avicularia and Venezuelan sun tiger would welcome your recommendations on my new t Cheers
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    Male or female?

    Hi guys just asking for a friend and would like your opinions
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    Hi everyone just found my female cyriopagopus schmidti gold ( Chinese giant gold) on her back . She is virtually out of her old clothes. Tried getting a picture of her moulting will get another when she has her new clothes on:T::p
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    GBB on his/her back

    Hi guys hope everyone is well. Woke up this morning to find my GBB on it's back ready to moult. Fingers crossed everything goes ok and I'm hoping to sex the moult if it's not destroyed. Can't wait to see his/her new colours
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    Female lasiodora parahybana

    Hi guys hope your all well I am receiving a female lasiodora parahybana from so many legs tomorrow and andy has just emailed me to say that upon getting her ready for packaging he noticed that she wasn't walking properly due to her back legs not looking right. Is this something to worry about or...
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    Avicularia Avicularia

    My new addition arrived this morning Female avicularia avicularia. Settling in her new home
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    Anyone still posting

    Hi guys hope everyone is keeping safe just wondering if you know of anyone selling any avicularia species preferably juvenile and is willing to post Cheers
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    Brachypelma boehmei

    Hi guys hope your all keeping safe does anyone on the forum know of anyone willing to sell a female brachypelma boehmei would be really grateful Cheers
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    Cyriopagopus schmidti gold

    Sorry guys it's the golden earth tiger not Malaysian Cheers
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    Cyriopagopus schmidti gold ( Malaysian earth tiger)

    Hi guys quick question as I have been reading up on this species and getting totally different opinions is this arboreal, fossorial or terrestrial
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    Auratum enclosure

    Hi guys I am receiving a female brachypelma auratum tomorrow and was just wondering if they are kept in general the same as the red knee Been reading some care sheets and some are saying they need a heat mat Is this necessary Cheers
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    2 different species in breeding tank

    Hi guys my friend tells me he has 2 different species of tarantula living together in a breeding tank is that normal cos I am led to believe they like there own space. Would be grateful of any feedback
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    Hi everyone I have a 7cm gbb was wondering what size enclosure to put it in . I have a 25x25 cube enclosure would that be too big Cheers
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    Seamus new member

    Just a quick hi to everyone on the forum