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    Has anyone bought this before?

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    Loaning out MM curly hair.

    Does anyone want it? PM me for a deal.
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    My curly hair tarantula matured out to a male. I had my fingers crossed that it would be a female :(
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    My T diarrhead on me.

    I was rehousing my pinktoe, when it squirted water at me. The water had whitish chunks. :o
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    Native inverts?

    What species of invertebrates can you find in your state?
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    How long can tarantulas go without food?

    How long can a T go without food. I'm leaving for a month and I want to know what species of Ts can survive. Any tips on what I should do with the T's before I leave?
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    I just discovered this site... Looks a little sketchy. Is linked with Backwater Reptiles. The price is great though... Is it credible? Anyone had any experience with them?
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    Tailles whip scorpions

    Does anyone know any general information about them? Has anyone owned them? Please share your experiences :)
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    US Any beginner tarantula less than 100$

    Might buy any beginner tarantulas less than a hundred dollars, other than pinktoe tarantulas, curly hairs, and Arizona blonde.