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  1. MatthewM1

    Mature Male Orphnaecus sp. "Panay blue"

    I have a fresh MM O. sp. "Panay blue". About a month post molt, wandering his enclosure lookin' for some loving. $75+shipping via FedEx. Trade offers welcome. TOS: Shipping is available. Venomous inverts will only be shipped via FedEx. USPS is available for non venomous inverts only. Cost...
  2. MatthewM1

    US ISO: Male Euathlus parvulus

    Would love a mature male Euathlus parvulus but would take an immature one as well. I have slings and roaches to trade with or interested in a 50/50.
  3. MatthewM1

    US Tarantulas, Roaches & Isopods

    Tarantulas: 0.1.0 Psalmopoeus cambridgei “Trinidad chevron” 4.5”-5” $80 1.0 Orphnaecus sp. "Panay blue" Matured (4/27) 4" $75 0.0.1 Avicularia versicolor “Antilles pinktoe” ¾” $30... 0.0.2 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens "Green Bottle Blue" 1"+ $45 0.0.3 Chilobrachys sp. "Vietnam blue"...
  4. MatthewM1

    latest egg sac

    Hey guys haven't posted in quite some time but I wanted to share a little bit of what I've been up to lately. My female Lasiodora parahybana dropped and egg sac a little while back, I'll be pulling in next week. I successfully got two egg sacs from my female Neoholothele incei last fall. I've...
  5. MatthewM1

    US ISO: Mature Male Poecilotheria ornata

    ISO a fresh MM P. ornata to pair up with my freshly molted female. Interested in a 50/50 and also have some things I could trade with. send me a PM, email me at [email protected]
  6. MatthewM1

    My first egg sac!

    My Holothele incei girl I had mentioned in one of my other threads dropped a sac yesterday morning can't wait to pull it!
  7. MatthewM1

    Haven't posted on here in a while

    Life has been hectic and somewhat crazy lately, haven't really been on or posted in any forums for a while. I attempted my first pairing last night though and wanted to share a little video. Looked like insertions were made after the video ended. The flash on my phone overheated and I had to cut...
  8. MatthewM1

    Inverts for trade! (Isopods and roaches)

    I have dwarf white isopods as well as hissing and dubia roaches available for trade. Interested in a wide variety of inverts; Just about any tarantula or scorpion slings True spiders Scolopendra All offers considered feel free to pm me. TOS: each party covers their own side of the shipping...
  9. MatthewM1

    USARK needs support

    Not sure how many of you have been keeping up with the recent lacey act additions. USARK is preparing a lawsuit with USFWS after the finalization of the "constrictor rule". Whether or not you keep snakes of any type, support from all pet groups is needed to defeat this. The best thing we can...
  10. MatthewM1

    US Binghamton, NY Reptile expo

    http://www.herpnerds.com/Greater_Binghamton.html I just heard about this new expo here in central New York. Havent heard many talk about it so I wanted to help spread the word.
  11. MatthewM1

    Local tarantula clubs/groups:

    Any one on here apart of any local tarantula groups? I started one in my area a little while back. "CNY Tarantulas" Most members are from the central New York area but keepers from other parts of the state are welcome as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1450020618590692/
  12. MatthewM1

    Spermatheca thread

    Thought this would be a good idea to start to help with molt sexing. Share your shots of your T's lady bits. Please include what species (binomials pretty please, idc if you add the common names as well), and the DLS of the exuvium. Psalmopoeus cambridgei 4"
  13. MatthewM1

    New frog :)

    My parents surprised me with this little beauty today. A young strawberry albino pacman frog (Ceratophrys cranwelli). The girlfriend and I named it Melllvar. First time I've gotten a new frog in a year or so.
  14. MatthewM1

    Oh no you don't!

    Had a 2.75" juvie male Psalmopoeus irminia take off on me during a rehousing today. Little devil got up under the dresser my ball python's tank is on. He was less than thrilled. I grabbed his cork bark with my tongs and he had leaped off the rim of his deli cup, across the floor and under the...
  15. MatthewM1

    Acrylic candy box enclosure

    Put this enclosure together for one of my Avicularia urticans with a box from some chocolates I bought the girlfriend. I thought it looks pretty nice. Haven't added the T yet. Still waiting on the sub to dry. And a water dish will be added of course ;)
  16. MatthewM1

    Microscope sexing

    Picked this handy little scope up off amazon for 10.99 shipped. Just came in today. Was able to sex a 1.5" S. calceatum molt as a female with it. Very cool how the little spermatheca looks zoomed in
  17. MatthewM1

    Exciting new arrivals!

    So excited about the 3 slings I just unpacked I decided they deserved a new thread instead of just a bump on my photo thread :P 2x P. muticus 1.25"-1.5"ish and a G. pulchra .5"-.75"ish. I've gotten alot of arboreals recently and had an itch for some more terrestrials.
  18. MatthewM1

    US H. petersii starter colony up for trade

    I have 2.1.10 H. petersii (all CBB) im looking to trade as a group. The 0.0.10 are second instar all are eating well. Not looking to sell/trade as individuals currently. Mostly interested in trading for: (prefer females will consider groups of slings) Poecilotheria sp. Acanthoscurria sp...
  19. MatthewM1

    US Jessyrenee

    100% positive. Recently completed a trade with Jessyrenee. She kept excellent communication throughout the transaction. Great packing and shipped very quickly. Very happy with the transaction as a whole and look forward to doing business with again, would absolutely recommend her.
  20. MatthewM1

    First scorpion brood!

    Went to check on my female H. petersii who I had suspected was gravid and she had little 2i scorplings running around her :)