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  1. Aracnoenthusiast

    Substrate settles down?

    It seems like every so often I have to add substrate to my enclosures, I fill to an appropriate level and in 3 or 4 months it seems to settle or get packed down lower. Anyone else experience this? I'm guessing it's from the vibrations in the house slowly shifting the substrate.
  2. Aracnoenthusiast

    Anyone else getting crazy weather

    Today was in the 80s, now its supposed to drop below freezing tonight and snow 3 inches. I feel bad for all the bugs in our back yard. And the plants for that matter. It will be quite a shock to the ecosystem I'm sure. Anyone else?
  3. Aracnoenthusiast

    Do orb weaver spiders die off on winter?

    We have a beautiful orb spider living under an outside table, and wed like to keep it alive over the winter if possible. Thing is, I dont know their lifespan, or if the hibernate the winter. We live in the Nebraska panhandle and it can get quite cold here. Should we bring it in and let it...
  4. Aracnoenthusiast

    Our rescue

    my wife and I took in this rescue dog yesterday. For the life of us we cant figure why he was abandoned. Never met such a gentle loving dog. And so far his manners are great. Not one issue.
  5. Aracnoenthusiast

    Epoxy resin for preserving molts

    Has anyone used epoxy resin to preserve molts, or even dead specimens? I've just started to experiment with this and looking for tips and tricks
  6. Aracnoenthusiast

    Id mystery bug?

    My daughter just found out that these bite, see them all over town, am I correct in thinking assasin bug? If so is this the species that Carrys changas disease?
  7. Aracnoenthusiast

    H.arizonensis enclosure

    I redid my h.arizonensis enclosure today. Hopefully cecil likes it, more places to hide for sure. What do you all think?
  8. Aracnoenthusiast

    Epoxy resin for molt preservation

    I was just curious if anyone has used epoxy to encase molts? I recently got a very good molt of my t.albo and was thinking of preserving it this way. Any tips are greatly appreciated
  9. Aracnoenthusiast


    HELP! IM DELICIOUS! I'm hop6with this being a community of experts I can get some help. Mosquitoes absolutely love me. I will get 10 bites covered with any bug spray I've tried. While my wife sits undisturbed with no spray. How can I find relief
  10. Aracnoenthusiast

    Timid desert hairy

    My desert hairy needs a pep talk, or a self help book. I very carefully take off the lid, and if that alone doesn't send him running for his burrow, the roach that I drop in terrifies him. What a fierce predator lol
  11. Aracnoenthusiast

    If you had to pick ..

    If you had to pick one to keep. Would you choose monocentropus balfouri, or chromatopelma cyaneopubescens? And why?
  12. Aracnoenthusiast

    Increased grooming

    My b.hamorii has been grooming itself much more these last few weeks than in the past. Is there a deeper meaning, or just coincidence?
  13. Aracnoenthusiast

    B.hamorii went swimming

    Checked my b.hamorii sling this morning and found it sitting in its water dish. But it looked odd to me so I gently touched it with a brush and the legs started moving but it couldn't get any traction. I removed it from the water dish and it promptly assumed stress pose. I'm thinking maybe the...
  14. Aracnoenthusiast

    Feeding fossorials

    How do you all feed your burrowing tarantulas? I feel like this would present an issue as you wouldn't want to just, drop a feeder down the hole and hope, or is that how you do it?
  15. Aracnoenthusiast

    Best whiskey to tarantula with

    What is your whiskey (or other beverage)of choice to sip while doing tarantula things? I go for 2 fingers of lead slingers whiskey
  16. Aracnoenthusiast

    White mites

    I've recently noticed some white mites crawling around in one of my enclosures. I'm going to let it dry out for a week in an attempt to kill them off. My question is, are they harmful? They are also crawling on the inhabitant of the enclosure, a damon diadem. If they aren't harmful I'd feel...
  17. Aracnoenthusiast

    Gbb or m. Balfouri ?

    I'm curious which one you all think is the better t ? Which is easier to keep? More active? On display more?
  18. Aracnoenthusiast


    I've seen alot of pictures lately of tarantulas enjoying a worm. My question is, can you use worms sold as bait for this? Or should they be specifically bred as feeders
  19. Aracnoenthusiast

    Now i get it

    Now I get why so many keepers have lots of tarantulas. I thought 2 would be enough but it's not. Especially when they are both hiding in their burrows right now. I find myself in need of some excitement. So I need more tarantulas in hope that one will be out and feed, web, do stuff. It's a...
  20. Aracnoenthusiast

    Cleaning/preparing found items

    Do any of you use found items in your enclosures? Say, an interesting branch, or an animal skull. If so, how do you clean and prep them so they are safe?