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  1. Aracnoenthusiast

    Substrate settles down?

    Mine is coco as well. Could be
  2. Aracnoenthusiast

    Substrate settles down?

    It seems like every so often I have to add substrate to my enclosures, I fill to an appropriate level and in 3 or 4 months it seems to settle or get packed down lower. Anyone else experience this? I'm guessing it's from the vibrations in the house slowly shifting the substrate.
  3. Aracnoenthusiast

    Comment by 'Aracnoenthusiast' in media '20200920_083728.jpg'

    I've been really surprised so far, this one has kept its water dish really clean. Suspicious I know
  4. 20200920_083728.jpg


    My b.hamorii grooming itself while standing in the water dish. It had a nice super worm for dinner yesterday and it must've gotten all over its face
  5. Aracnoenthusiast

    Brazilian Black and Honduran Curly

    My curly was in pre molt just over a month, but it was around 3" dls
  6. Aracnoenthusiast

    These are the temps I’ve been trying to keep for my tarantula

    It slows their metabolism so the may live longer
  7. Aracnoenthusiast

    These are the temps I’ve been trying to keep for my tarantula

    I'd recommend relaxing about the numbers, and instead focus on enjoying your new friend. If you're comfy it is too
  8. Aracnoenthusiast

    Is this a good Burrow that I made for my tarantula?

    Mine always turn into buried decorations
  9. Aracnoenthusiast

    Comment by 'Aracnoenthusiast' in media 'P. Sazimai female'

    "Back! Away from here you giant hairless monkey!"
  10. Aracnoenthusiast

    It’s getting to be winter time is there anyway how I could keep it warm in the winter I have a heat mat on the side but I don’t think that’s enough

    Glad to see you changed the substrate, that looks much more suitable. Again the if you are comfortable they are comfortable rule would apply. That heat mat should be plenty as long as your house is heated. However, if it would help your worries, use a space heater to warm whatever room you...
  11. Aracnoenthusiast

    What are good temp for my T (day and night)

    Depends on the size of enclosure. I recommend packing it down by hand as well. I finger my ts dont like very loose substrate. Plus packing helps it retain a burrow should the t decide to make one.
  12. Aracnoenthusiast

    Comment by 'Aracnoenthusiast' in media 'ef017019a9f2d14a658dc49ff2ddbd74.jpg'

    10/10 would buy from that seller
  13. Aracnoenthusiast

    What are good temp for my T (day and night)

    Temps with tarantulas arnt all that specific, for the majority of them room temp is fine. "If you're comfy, they're comfy". What kind of substrate is that? If its wood chips I would recommend replacing it with coco fiber or a pesticide/fertilizer free topsoil. Also recommend filling the...
  14. Aracnoenthusiast

    Anyone else getting crazy weather

    Back up into the 70s today. Feels good
  15. Aracnoenthusiast

    Can I feed my Mexican red knee tarantula monarch caterpillars?

    Short answer, no. Not only are they toxic. But they are in decline in the wild. I'd be protecting them. Not using them as feeders
  16. Aracnoenthusiast

    Curly haired Tarantula heating advice...

    If your comfortable, they are. My t room is currently sitting at about 68f give or take a few degrees. And my ts are just fine.
  17. Aracnoenthusiast

    I'm worried about my T

    Along with what brachy said, when it comes to tarantulas, as long as your setup is correct. Chances are whatever behavior has you upset is just the t being a t. Provide food, water, and a good habitat, and the rest is just entertainment.