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    Hey all, i’ve had a male and femaleG Porteri for quite some time. I’ve tried pairing them on multiple occasions. Every time, the mail ends up running away. He has his TIbial hooks. Taps quite a bit in his enclosure. He just will not pair with her. Could it be that she’s too big? She is about 6...
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    Invertabrate Decor Mystery Boxes!! Hello all my fellow Invertabrate enthusiasts, I am currently selling Decor boxes. I have them in the price range of 15-250! These boxes contain all natural and chemical free decor items such as plants rocks branches leaves and sticks! I ship out all my boxes...
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    How long should a small (Currently 2in) Juvenile T. Stirmi be In premolt for?
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    US ISO male G. Porteri, and Damon Diademas

    ISO D. Diadema, and a male G. Porteri
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    New Juvie T Stirmi Enclosure

    Hey all, I'm getting a T.Stirmi on Fri. I Just finished its enclosure, and just thought I'd get an opinion. I've had one before, and I just want to make sure everything looks good. Any tips? It is about 2in. Spider. I know they grow fast. All the mosses were disinfected and rinsed thoroughly in...
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    Roach Bin.

    Hey All! I am getting about 250 Dubias. Is a clear 15 gallon Sterilite tub Ok? IK Many hobbyists use a dark color for their nocturnal nature.
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    US Looking

    Anyone have old worlds, Brazilian species, Columbians (SP), or centipedes My budget is abt. 35 bucks TOTAL. I know its low, but can anyone help out?? Thanks!
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    US Looking for

    Hey all, Does anybody have any baboon slings, Nhandus, Columbia’s, or any Avics For less than 15 bucks my budget is around 20 bucks. Also any centipedes scorpions or assassin bugs? Thanks
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    Hey All, does anyone have a male Poteri for breeding loan or sale??? Thanks!
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    Hey All, does anyone have a male Poteri for breeding loan or sale??? Thanks!
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    Male Poteri

    Hey All, does anyone have a male Poteri for breeding loan or sale??? Thanks!
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    Hey all, I am shipping some T's and Scorpions out this week. 3 Questions. First, what is the Best company to use (USPS, FedEx, UPS) and shipping time (Ex. 2 da, Overnight, etc) to use. Also, which is the cheapest? packages don't exceed 3 lbs. Thanks!!
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    Hey All, I have just 2 MORE Juvenile Desert Hairy Scorpions. I am looking to rehome them. PM Me. Trades Accepted
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    Desert Hairy Scorpions

    Hey All, I have 10 Desert Hairy Scorpion Juveniles I'm selling and or trading. Thanks!
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    Male G Poteri

    Who has a Male G poteri for breeding loan or sale?
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    Enclosure Decor

    Hello All, Recently I found some of my supplies, and plants I've used in the past to house my T's. I used to sell decor to MANY Invertebrateand reptile hobbyists using some of the plants I have. I am selling some of the plants and pottery (Disinfected and dried). I have forest decor, and LOTS...
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    Tiger Centipede ( S. Polymorpha): About 5 1/2 to 6 inches long. SHIPS WITH DECOR FOR ENCLOSURE, SUBSTRATE, MOSS, AND OTHER DECOR $30. OPEN TO TRADES!
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    US Desert Hairy Scorpions!!!

    I have over 20 baby Desert Hairy Scorpions for sale. Message me for details. They are about 8 months old and VERY healthy.
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    G rosea Male

    i desperately need a male G rosea. Message me if you do. Thanks