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  1. kayshuhveehill

    A. Hentzi and live plants

    I just acquired an a. hentzi last night from my parents' property in southern Colorado. Our local climate is very dry and arid (we've had 100°F + temps for the past week) and prairie/desert like. I'm curious if I could put a few live plants in the enclosure with it, to more closely mimic our...
  2. kayshuhveehill

    Burrowing t. vagans

    I have a t. vagans that has dug a pretty extensive tunnel for herself, but I'm curious if anyone has ever had a burrowing spider that has caused their substrate to collapse on them inadvertently? I live in Colorado, USA (a very low-humidity state, and we have forced air running in our home and a...
  3. kayshuhveehill

    A. Avic not eating

    Hi folks, I'm back to ask for some advice on feeding one of my newest Ts. I purchased two a. avics (Koriabo, whom I suspect is a female; and Makushi, whom I suspect is a male) on May 27, 2019. I promptly re-homed them two days later upon advice from several of you (thank you, by the way, for...
  4. kayshuhveehill

    A. Avic housing

    I just purchased two a. avics that are approximately 2" - 2.5" and am wondering what size enclosure they should be in currently. I've included pics of their current set up, which I feel is too short. I believe they'd be much happier with a taller enclosure, considering how big they are. Also...
  5. kayshuhveehill

    Classroom pet

    Hi all! I am considering purchasing a tarantula for my classroom "pet." Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that my students will not be handling the tarantula in any way, shape, or form! I want to have the spider in our classroom for educational purposes, not for entertainment...
  6. kayshuhveehill

    Removing food

    Hi all! First time poster here. I have a T. vagans sling that I got back in November. It molted on Feb. 2 of this year, and I waited about 6 days before I fed it for the first time after the molt. Since that time, for about a month, I fed it regularly (about once every 4 or 5 days) and it would...