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  1. RobertJ1

    US WTB: E. murinus juvenile female or a couple slings.

    Hey all, I am after E. murinus. Either a juvenile female or a couple slings to increase my chances. Let me know what you have and your pricing. Thank you very much. Robert
  2. RobertJ1

    US WTB: D. pentaloris...anyone have any available?

    Hey all, Looking for some D. pentaloris. I gave up on AB...long story. Anyway, anybody have any available? Robert
  3. RobertJ1

    US 4" A. geniculata male for sale *cheap*

    Hey all, I have a 4" A. genic that molted recently and it is a male that I don't have a use for currently. I am only asking $50 shipped. Robert
  4. RobertJ1

    US WTB: Phormictopus cancerides or P. sp. full green or P. so purple

    Does anyone have any Phormictopus for sale?
  5. RobertJ1

    US Pamphobeteus cf. nigricolor Male

    Hey all, I am searching for either a mature or immature male Pamphobeteus cf. nigricolor. If you have one or have a lead on one please let me know ASAP. Thank you. Robert
  6. RobertJ1

    US 4" C. cyaneopubescens molt confirmed male for trade

    Hello, We have a 4" molt confirmed male C. cyaneopubescens that we would like to trade. We are not breeders so we would like him to go to someone who can use him. If you have anything for trade let us know. Sling, juvenile etc...we are fairly open. We have many T's but are always looking to add...
  7. RobertJ1

    Editing posts?

    Do we not have any way to edit posts once we have made them? I want to edit a thread title and cant find a way to do so. Any help is greatly appreciated. Robert
  8. RobertJ1

    Anyone in the Sacramento area interested in starting an Invert/Arachnid group/club?

    Hello all, I currently live in Grass Valley, CA and have come to find that there are absolutely zero local invertebrate groups or clubs in my area or anywhere near Sacramento it seems. There are plenty in Southern California however that doesn't help those of us up here. With that being said I...
  9. RobertJ1

    US 5" T. albo Nicaraguan confirmed female & 4.5" A. seemani Blue female for trade

    Hey all, I have two females I would like to trade for a Phormictopus sp. "green" or "Dominican Purple" or something along those lines. I would trade them both for a Pampho sp. as well. If you happen to be interested let me know. Thanks. Robert
  10. RobertJ1

    US WTB Davis pentaloris

    Anyone have any Davus pentaloris available?
  11. RobertJ1

    US WTB C. elegans & C. leetzi juvie females or adult females.

    Hello all, I am looking to expand my collection and would love to get my hands on one each of C. elegans and C. leetzi females. They can be juvenile or adult but if adult preferably newer adults as to maximize lifespan. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Robert