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  1. Oursapoil

    US Males Tliltocatl vagans & verdizi for trade.

    Hi, I have a Beautiful newly mature male vagans (maturity molt last week) and a premature male verdezi (will likely be mature at the next molt as he just molted 2 days ago) for trade. Would be interested to trade them together or separately for other tarantulas and slings. Thank you. Vincent.
  2. Oursapoil

    US Looking for Juvenile confirmed female Tliltocatl. verdezi

    Lmk if you have a lady for sale Thank you. V
  3. Oursapoil

    Juvenile Tliltocatl epicureanum first good look after her last molt.

    I’d say the female is strong on this one but would welcome for some experts to confirm
  4. Oursapoil

    My son would like to ask if anyone could “sex” his tarantulas.

    Thank you in advance for helping :)
  5. Oursapoil

    The game of the day is to.....

    Find where the water dish is now located :D
  6. Oursapoil

    US Baby African white spot assassin (Platymeris biguttatus) for trade for T slings.

    Hello T family, I have a few white spot African assassin bugs to trade for T slings (not looking for something in particular). They are really healthy nymphs eating small roaches and small crickets. Adult will eat full size dubias. Although they are not aggressive, these are not recommended for...
  7. Oursapoil

    US White dot African assassin bugs babies for trade!

    Hi everyone, My son and I have been quite successful reproducing white dots African assassin bugs and would look forward to trade/exchange some babies for some tarantula slings or juveniles. We are located in Long Island, NY :) Let us know!
  8. Oursapoil

    New to the forum, my son and I have about 30 Ts here in NY.

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to connecting with hobbyists leaving nearby and further away. My 9 years old son and I have a hard to control passion for Ts