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  1. Tortoise Tom

    Time For A New House?

    This guy usually spends time huddled under its bark. I didn't realize how much it had grown until I came in late one night and saw this: I've got a nano tall ready and waiting for this little beauty.
  2. Tortoise Tom

    I'm Officially a Tarantula Breeder Now

    Put them together a few times weeks ago and never saw any action. Someone here suggested leaving the male with her overnight, so I did. Came back in the morning and he was still alive and well, so I put him back in his own enclosure. He's still eating like a champ to this day. A few days later...
  3. Tortoise Tom

    Harpacitra pulchripes Molted Into Maturity

    Its a boy! Lost his gold and blue colors. He's kind of a darker brown now with gold highlights. Anyone need a MM?
  4. Tortoise Tom

    Davus pentoralis Breeding

    I've put them together a couple of times now. The first time, the female showed a food response and he boogied out of there. The second time things were much calmer. I left them together for a while, but didn't see them do the deed. The second time, I set their enclosures side-by-side in a big...
  5. Tortoise Tom

    Anybody Ever Bred G. pulchra?

    A friend just brought me a recently matured male, and my 13 year old female just molted last week. I'm planning on feeding her up and letting him settle in for a couple of weeks before introduction, but any tips or insight is welcome. Coincidentally, I'm just about to introduce my male and...
  6. Tortoise Tom

    GBB Hooked Out

    My boy hooked out after his last molt. He ate for me yesterday. I have an adult female. I'd like to breed them. Each of them have extensive webbing in their enclosures. Should I introduce him into her enclosure, or make a separate enclosure that is wide open with no obstructions and put both of...
  7. Tortoise Tom

    E. cyanognathus

    I'm not usually a big fan of a pet hole, but I occasionally get a glimpse of this little guy and I dig him.
  8. Tortoise Tom

    Psalmopoeus pulcher Re-House

    With this last molt my little tree spider seemed to double in size. I think she's out grown her little 4" AMAC paradise. I made her up her very own Nano Tall: She was perfectly positioned for a pic on her tree and by the time I grabbed the camera, she'd moved down into the corner like this:
  9. Tortoise Tom

    Pulchra Finally Turning Black

    I bought a bunch of "Brazilian Blacks" from @Casey K. a few months ago, and they've been just perfect. They all molt about once a month and within a few days of each other. As tiny little slings they are a dull, grayish brown color and I've been wondering when they were going to color up. Well...
  10. Tortoise Tom

    Eerie Ornata Pic

    I never open my Poecilotheria tanks until I know exactly where the spider is. I couldn't find this guy, and then I looked in through the top instead of the front and sides:
  11. Tortoise Tom

    Stirmi Out And About

    My smaller stirmi is always out at night. For size reference, that is a 4" box.
  12. Tortoise Tom

    Time To Re-House A. purpurata...

    I think its about time for a re-house. This one hasn't been out for a while. It has molted for me several times, but it never sits out in the open. Came in tonight in the dark and found this sitting on the wall of the 2" AMAC box.
  13. Tortoise Tom

    Uneventful Re-Housing of P. ornata

    I moved my little one from a 4x4x7" AMAC into this 8x8x12" Nano Tall today. He went and hid behind the water bowl: The move was uneventful and the tarantula moved over easily and with no teleporting or freaking out. Nice and boring, just how I like it. I checked back later and he'd moved...
  14. Tortoise Tom

    New Acquisitions From the Reptile Show This Weekend!

    I wasn't really even looking, but these three found me. It took me a while to find a little tiny B. albiceps a couple of months ago. I strolled over to the booth next door, and this little one was sitting there waiting for me. This is the only one I bought. I brought her home Saturday night and...
  15. Tortoise Tom

    New House for Megaphobema robustum

    This guy has been in a 4" AMAC box, but he/she is just too big. It burrowed in within a few days of coming home, but this was a long over due re-house. Now he/she is in a 2.5 gallon tank, and I don't think he/she is too happy about the move...
  16. Tortoise Tom

    Orphnaecus phillippinus Above Ground?

    My O. phillippinus has been staying above ground lately. No mites or fungus or anything weird that I can see down in the burrow. Not taking roaches either. Any idea why she's staying up top?
  17. Tortoise Tom

    Harpacitra pulchripes Threat Posture

    My little one was out today and when I dropped his roach in, he showed me this: Silly spider. There's no need for that.
  18. Tortoise Tom

    Harpacitra pulchripes

    Caught my little one out in the open. It was only a half inch when I got it. Well over an inch now and starting to color up:
  19. Tortoise Tom

    Theraphosa stirmi

    I was talking about her on another thread and thought I'd take some pics just for fun. I'm still new to the species, so tips or advice for improvement is welcome. I tried to house her in a 10 gallon tank, but she wouldn't stay on the floor and leave the screen top alone, so I had to move her...
  20. Tortoise Tom

    Bad Molt For P. rufilata

    I have two ornata and two rufilata. This rufilata is the largest and last to molt. The other three have all molted at least once and all went perfectly. This one is set up in a Nano Tall, 8x8x12". It has a cork round, a few plastic plant pieces, and dry coco coir for substrate. Water dish is a...