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  1. Redacted

    US Todd Gearhart of Tarantulaspiders, good product and good service.

    Another successful order from Todd Gearhart arrived this morning. Overnight Fed-Ex. I'll post some pics from my phone later, but here's what I got: 1.2 Euathlus truculentus. 0.2 Augocephalus ezendami This will be my first OW in a very long time. Consistently good product and good service...
  2. Redacted

    Baby blue seemanni?

    I wonder- why so few lings of A. seemani? Is it because they are cheap to import, hard to breed, no one cares to breed, or some combination????? The blue form of A. seemani is beautiful. Why no rush to breed them?
  3. Redacted

    It's Chile up 'North'

    I think my favorite Grammostola, undescribed G. 'North', from extreme northern Chile. Sort of brassy overall.
  4. Redacted


    Cheeky title, I know. One of my G. 'Maule'.
  5. Redacted

    The Green Femur

    Should be a super hero name. Not so common a T in the US.
  6. Redacted


    Hi! My name is Walter1. I've been keeping tarantulas seriously since 2011. My favorites are the Chilean species. Eager to read and learn.