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  1. gritar

    Decided to get my 3rd tattoo. 20 years later.

    Used my G. grossa as the model.
  2. gritar

    My new additions arrived today!!!

    Too excited! All are doing well! G. pulchra G. iheringi G. actaeon B. bohemei B. emilia A. geniculata P. auratus All slings I have 29 now. All but three were slings. I love watching them grow. Fear Not Tarantulas does a great job!
  3. gritar

    7 new slings arriving Tuesday.

    Too excited! My current youngest is an A chalcodes. The other is a N chromatus and it molted yesterday and is about to get a bigger home. I will post what they are once they are here.
  4. gritar

    My G pulchra molted and he is beautiful!

    He has been so sweet. He has crawled into my hand on his own forever. Always wants to be out and with me. I know he just wants to to roam. But...
  5. gritar

    Is this a Lasidora?

    I am using my phone and can't find the ID thread. Is this a Lasidora?
  6. gritar

    >New to the group.... Hello all!!!

    Hi post name is gritar. I love my tarantulas. I just had my second molt or one of my slings. So exciting. Because all the work is paying off and they like homes I have provided. I had my first tarantula years and years ago. I just got back into the hobby. I have the following Ts. 0.0.2...