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    US WANTED: Dubia Roaches

    I am looking to buy a small/med sized colony of Dubia roaches to feed our geckos as well as my Tarantulas. If anyone has any extra they would be willing to sell please let me know. If I cannot find any here I will order online but figured that I would give here a shot first. Thanks Jake I...

    US Paul @ Pet Center USA

    POSITIVE EXPERIENCE! I had recently purchased a few T's from Paul, his communication was top notch! Every question I had, he answered promptly! Shipped when he said he would and arrived when he said it would! I will not hesitate to do business with Paul again!

    JAYGEE's Collection..

    Hi ALL! Just got my shipment from Paul at Pet Center USA, and I cannot be more pleased with his website, his stock, and his communication is top notch! I can guarantee you that I will do most of my ordering from him as his business/service is AMAZING! My collection is small, but the way...

    Anyone use the Exo Terra nano?

    Just curious if anyone uses the Exo Terra nano to house a T? I need the measurement of the top screen lid so I can get some plexiglass glass cut. If you use them can you measure the top screen for me?

    FNG new guy here

    Hello all new guy here, I was doing a little research on two T's that I have been interested in when I stumbled upon this forum. Glad I found it as there is quite a bit of informative information which has helped me decide on which two T's that I want. B. Smithi and A. Geniculata. I have...