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  1. AceTRetreat

    Must have Ts?

    I have a number of T's over the years ... but limited to one ... I'm going with the G. pulchra!
  2. AceTRetreat

    B. Smithi

    Looks to be a B. hamorii based on new taxonomy to me .. but I am not an expert :-)
  3. AceTRetreat

    Curly Hair question

    I hope your Curly is eating readily by now .. but if not ... mine love mealworms and small-medium Dubia roaches ... always eat!
  4. AceTRetreat

    New Tarantula

    Afternoon Therasoid -- Do you have a Paraphysa scrofa as in the one sold as such till recently but now due to classification is said to be a Euathlus species of some sort (single window patch) or the reclassified Phrixotrichus scrofa (two lateral patches)? Just curious as I have the former which...
  5. AceTRetreat

    Tarantula Breeder In Connecticut

    If I had to guess ... I would say he was representing Anastasia of Net Bug .. she is in CT I believe but don't know the town .. sorry. But .. they were suppose to be in White Plains on the 6th ... so good chance it was them :-)
  6. AceTRetreat

    New Tarantula

    I totally agree with Therasoid ... they are great little T's! I keep mine exactly the same way ... Sterilite plastic tub/container with dry substrate, small/shallow water dish, a hide (PVC pipe cut in half .. plastic half log .. lol), and some fake foliage .... eats great weekly and very easy...
  7. AceTRetreat

    Newbie T owner here

    Welcome to the hobby ... addiction is a prerequisite .. lol!! :-)
  8. AceTRetreat

    I breed my own ... but if you go on arachnoboards there are some recent post offering roaches...

    I breed my own ... but if you go on arachnoboards there are some recent post offering roaches very reasonably. Try breeding your own?
  9. AceTRetreat

    Am I paranoid, help confirm my T species

    Looks like all my Curly-Hairs .... but time will tell as it grows .. but I would say Curly at this time.
  10. AceTRetreat

    G.rosea, social or false pretence

    I have several (not my first T's though .. surprise) .... they are both fine to do cage maintenance around and deal with ... both can be held (if you are so inclined). Mine are both normal/gray color form if that makes a difference .. some say it does .. me not so sure.
  11. AceTRetreat

    Feeding my curly

    I feed mine Dubia Roaches ... whole if small enough .. or parts if too big along with parts of mealworms and superworms.
  12. AceTRetreat

    Warning!!!!! Warning!!!!

    That's great ... best of luck with them and enjoy!
  13. AceTRetreat

    How do you think they climb?

    Crested Geckos and others use tiny bristle like hairs called setae arranged in rows known as lamellae :-) I think that is van der Waals forces at work!
  14. AceTRetreat

    Bugs in Cyberspace

    Been a while since anyone has posted here about Peter .. but I have done business with him several times and he is top-notch with critters and supplies ... not lots of T's but true spiders and many other types of "bugs"! Do hot hesitate to contact him and do business with him .. you will be glad...
  15. AceTRetreat

    Warning!!!!! Warning!!!!

    Dan --- Having been into reptiles a little longer than T's and bugs ... I am a member of that site. I know they are very particular how you post and it must be in a proper format .. that is the owner of the sites prerogative. You must also supply proof via emails, PayPal correspondences, texts...
  16. AceTRetreat

    Sling enclosures

    That looks like a 32 ounce deli container ... without knowing what kind of slings you are getting I would say it would be most secure with the standard lid not altered in any way. I have used them and not lost anyone or had anyone escape while tending to them. Then again .... most of my slings...
  17. AceTRetreat

    New Mexican red knee tarantula owner need help

    I would say by this weekend you could try putting a prey item in with your T .... check 24 hours later and if not eaten remove and try again in a few days. I use mostly KK for smaller and various size tubs for larger terrestrial T's .... ventilation is added according to the type T and level of...
  18. AceTRetreat

    New Mexican red knee tarantula owner need help

    That is a nice looking T you have as your first .... I would echo what newspidermom has written ... my two big concerns would be too much vertical height and the mesh ceiling. You can if the backing is foam insert designed for that Exo-terra cut it in half (would say looks as if want half as...
  19. AceTRetreat


    I echo what Enn and Therasoid say ... the Curly-Hair is a great first T .. I really enjoy mine .. slings really dig and once a tad older out all the time and moving about! I feel I must say I also have several Rose and they are very docile and calm ... but I do touch/test any of my T's before I...