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  1. harleyqueen

    Bandits gf

  2. harleyqueen

    More news from my tarantula cabinets.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely messages about Herculea and my big genic Bandit. Turns out Bandit is now a mature male and is enormous. His palps are huge but ive managed to arrange a date with a lady in the north ofEngland so will be taking him in a few weeks when hes recovered from his...
  3. harleyqueen

    Eeek Giant White Knee webbing like crazy.

    Looks like my big genic is going to flip any minute shes been webbing like an obt. She knocked her plants over cos she goes round the enclosure like a bulldozer. Ive never seen her web like this before. Hope she moults ok .
  4. harleyqueen

    Nice surprise

  5. harleyqueen

    Few moults lately.

  6. harleyqueen

    Few moults lately.

  7. harleyqueen

    Moisture balls

    Has anyone used moisture balls for there slings before ? The man in the shop said they are designed for slings and hundred per cent safe, i've put some in for the bigger ones but not sure if I can give them to the tiny ones ? Vagabond is on his third one, I assume they just dissolve but he is...
  8. harleyqueen

    How do I create an album in media gallery

    Well I'd like to create a few albums, one of my brachys, one of my grammies and one for the others. I've tried to work it out but am too stupid. Any advice for a divi Essex blonde will be greatly appreciated thanks :)
  9. harleyqueen

    There all mad .

  10. harleyqueen

    For Christmas

    I know its a few days away but i've been busy getting things ready for the animals. Rapture, Tempest and Adonis are getting housing upgrades, if I can manage it without loosing them. I got a lot of fake plants and new huts for jazzing up the others enclosures. My friend is coming over Christmas...
  11. harleyqueen

    Mealworms .

    I thought some of my ts need fattening up so had the brainwave of buying some mealworms. The ungrateful little brats all looked in that disgusted "I'm not eating that !" way. Even my genic bandit, who I might add food has never landed on the floor in her enclosure cos she catches it soon as I...
  12. harleyqueen

    Named all My new babies.

  13. harleyqueen

    I got a pulchra and a vagans.

    Ive never seen a pulchra or a vagans for Sale locally So i snapped them up :) Both slings About 1/2 inch. Also got another pulchripes :) Will get pics of all My new ones on next feeding day.
  14. harleyqueen

    New additions today

  15. harleyqueen

    A few moults here :)

    First of My red knee slings "Prophet" moulted last week :) A few days ago The first of The curly hairs "Magic" moulted. And last night The Lovely " Hercules" moulted :) He even bothered to make a Web This time instead of tipping The water out of his bowl and laying in it. He has been a Bit mopey...
  16. harleyqueen