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  1. Rahhh1983

    US Collection for sale

    We are moving very soon and ill be thinning out my collection. I'll be selling approximately 60 tarantulas. If your close enough to Philadelphia, feel free to email contact me for further information.
  2. Rahhh1983

    US N. Chromatus

    I have a mature Male that JUST hooked out. Make me an offer.
  3. Rahhh1983

    Hapalopus so Columbia (large)

    Any information from past experiences will greatly be appreciated!
  4. Rahhh1983

    US Wanted female Hapalopus sp Columbia

  5. Rahhh1983

    US For sale/downsizing

    2 - M. Balfouri. 3 - 4 inch $100.00 ea 2 - N. Tripepii 3 - 4 inch $100.00 ea 1 - L. Violaceopes(female) 3 inch $100.00 Overnight shipping $50.00, L.A.G.
  6. Rahhh1983

    Big day

    So excited. Package will be here with 3 M. Robustum and my Toffee belly hognose snake! Who else has exciting news to share. Oh the Robustums are all 4 inch specimen!!!!
  7. Rahhh1983

    Brand new

    I'm brand new to the group. Thanks for having me. I look forward to the posts, pictures, and the interactions with you wonderfu, dedicated, enthused hobbyists!
  8. Rahhh1983

    Prices in the hobby

    The prices of tarantulas are high, even at the most affordable web sites or stores. I was browsing the classifieds. Some of the prices are crazy people. Do your research folks and dont rush to make a purchase. I only wish people would sell at reasonable prices to try and have the hobby grow...