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  1. ipreventdeath

    A. avicularia Molts

    Just had both my Avics molt up. The sling is now showing pink toes! It seems to be around the 4th or 5th molt where the pink toes show up. It still has the standard sling coloration, but with the addition of little pink tips to the toes. My sub-adult avic also molted into adulthood as a now...
  2. ipreventdeath


    Last fall I was out playing lacrosse with a some buddies and decided to show off a tad. Well, I didn't check myself and therefore wrecked myself pretty good. I ended up tearing my ATFL (anterior talofibular ligament) and my CFL (calcaneofibular ligament) which are the two main lateral supporting...
  3. ipreventdeath

    Spider Science!

    I recently came upon a few interesting articles involving our favorite critters! :) Spiders "learn" how to catch prey: http://www.livescience.com/34775-spiders-learn-snag-prey.html?cmpid=514627 Moth mimics a spider...
  4. ipreventdeath

    Tarantula/Spider Science

    I think it would be GREAT if we could add a major forum topic involving tarantula/spider science, to include articles from journals or interesting articles from scientific magazines, etc. There are a lot of interesting articles out there that could expand the horizons of our hobby and add a more...
  5. ipreventdeath

    Stuff from the Stan (pic heavy)

    Well, as some of you may know, I'm a Combat Medic in the US Army. I recently got back from Afghanistan and did a lot of "f***ing with the wildlife" while there and felt like sharing some of what I found. Mesobuthus eupeus. A moderately venomous (3/5) scorpion that is known to cause nearly 100...
  6. ipreventdeath

    Avic Sling Update

    Well my little avic molted recently and decided to start chomping down already. It seemed like it was ready so I tossed in a freshly caught housefly. Probably not the best of food items I had lying around, but I figured the very soft exoskeleton of the housefly shouldn't do any harm if the...
  7. ipreventdeath

    Random Updates

    Don't know how interested anyone is, but I thought I'd share anyway. My new avic sling molted for the first time in my care. I got it on the 3rd and it had recently molted when purchased (probably the last week of may--it's siblings had yet to molt) which makes two molts in two months! Bam...
  8. ipreventdeath

    Zookeeper Exotics in Austin, TX

    If there are any hobbyists here in the capitol area I would definitely recommend stopping by. They have a HUGE selection of T's and these guys are hobbyists themselves. I went in today for a look and was shocked to find literally hundreds of newly hatched slings of many species. I saw a few...
  9. ipreventdeath


    I found this little Hogna sp. beauty while mowing yesterday. It's body was a little over an inch long and had two gorgeous yellow stripes on its ventral side.
  10. ipreventdeath

    Homecoming surprise

    Went on a six day trip this past week and came home to find my Avic sling had molted :). It refused her weekly meal the day before I left, but was fat and had gorged itself on water not long before. Im not sure which day the molt occurred, but it was out and about near the top of it's enclosure...
  11. ipreventdeath

    Arboreal Ideas

    I recently set-up a new enclosure for my Avic. Just thought I'd share how I put it together for anyone looking for cheap ways to make an arboreal set-up that doesn't look too bad. I started with an inexpensive standard aquarium bought at a local petshop, which will be placed upright as many...
  12. ipreventdeath

    Roach decisions...

    I was wandering around central Texas today and found a bunch of B. lateralis roaming around under a traffic cone during an 85F day around mid afternoon. Just another reason why I'm glad I went with dubia instead of those red runners. If they can survive in the Texas heat and dryness, they can...
  13. ipreventdeath

    G. rosea Breeding

    I came upon a mature male Grammastola rosea and will be picking him up on Tuesday. I wanted to attempt to breed him to my larger female. She should measure out around 5in or so. Does anyone know at what size the females mature? Or whether or not I should attempt this pairing before she molts...
  14. ipreventdeath

    New Avic :)

    I was eyeing this little avic at a local exotics shop and decided to pick it up today. I'm not sure the exact species (and from what I've read they all look alike as juveniles) but I believe it may be an A. avicularia. I put it into a new acrylic box DIY terrarium and it seems to be happy...
  15. ipreventdeath

    A Few Macro Tips

    Hey guys, I used to be huge into Macro Photography. I would get shots of my pets, things in the yard or anything else I could find. I created this reverse lens set-up many years back and it has worked for me so far. No need to buy an expensive camera or expensive macro lenses. I just used some...
  16. ipreventdeath

    Different BB Codes

    I was wondering if you can use the spoiler bb code on thus forum. I know it can be used on others and tried it here with negative results. It would help out with posting numerous photos or long lists. I there a reason it can't be used?
  17. ipreventdeath

    Ipreventdeath's T Photos

    Here's a bunch of shots of my two Ts and their home. Athena, my gorgeous sub-adult female G. rosea. Artemis, a brute of a sub-adult female G. rosea.
  18. ipreventdeath

    G. roseas, doubled up 2.0

    I recently did a little renovation in my roseas enclosures. I've been reading a lot on their burrowing habits in nature vs. in captivity and decided to add some features to encourage burrowing in their homes. Obviously with this enclosure I wouldn't be able to provide and proper 12-18in burrow...
  19. ipreventdeath

    Spider toilet? Gardening?

    I went to collect the leftover boluses in my T's cages and found something strange. Thy both have vertical (or near vertical) burrows that I provided them and both get used frequently. Artemis uses her more often then Athena and I frequently see hers webbed off on top with her sitting inside...
  20. ipreventdeath

    Gettin' on the D! Dubia, that is...

    Finally got both of my girls to feed on dubia roaches and they love 'em! It took a few tries, but they hit them hard every time. My colony is still just starting, but with only two T's to feed, I decided that I can spare a couple of mature males a week when they outnumber the mature females anyway.