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  1. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    She's gorgeous, it's cold and rainy and her web got destroyed. Should I take her in as a boarder for a month or so, then let her loose on my patio?
  2. MassExodus


    So, two of my dogs passed on, and I had one left. I ain't ready for another, so I got a kitten from the pound. It turns out my new cat, Ninja Monkey, is a psycho. I don't have the time or patience to fully describe her behavior, but in the past 2 months, she has eaten the cord to a 75$ pair of...
  3. MassExodus

    Candice Owens

    This classy lady has inspired me from day one. Just wanted to share this. One of the few people who keep me sane, and drive the rage and hate away. God bless this fine woman, in everything she does.
  4. MassExodus

    Just wanted to share this.

    I like this guy, very eloquent speech. I signed.
  5. MassExodus

    Movie recommendations

    I just watched a really good flick out of Australia, called The Rover. It was made in 2014 and I'd never heard of it until I saw it scrolling through Netflix today. Fantastic movie. It's kind of grim throughout, with some truly sad parts too. Best movie I've seen in some time, and the two main...
  6. MassExodus

    The weapons thread.

    As a collector of things, including weapons, I thought I would start a thread. I'll kick it off with a few of my favorites, and a bit of commentary for each pic. Top: The Japanese great sword, known as ōdachi. Middle: the katana. I named mine Grasscutter, after a legendary Japanese Tamahagane...
  7. MassExodus

    Kayak fishing

    I'm recently getting back into it, I used my brothers kayak sunday, fixing to get myself another one. I'm leaning towards the Big Fish 120 or the Nucanoe Frontier 10. The ten will be faster but the 120 is wide and easy to stand up in. I fish mainly in Copano bay, but I'm going to try out...
  8. MassExodus


    I just watched Bear Gryllis bite a little snakes head off, and swallow the body. I could stomach that kind of meal, if I got hungry enough. Hold your breath and wash it down. I see racoons, possum, armadillo, skunks, and domestic cats eat inverts all the time. Im convinced stray cats stay alive...
  9. MassExodus

    Water walking, not swimming really.

  10. MassExodus

    GoT final season. Possible spoilers.

    So, my all time favorite mini series is over. The final season was pure ****. The ending was ****. How can they do this? How? My girl Dany is dead, killed by an annoying faggot, who should have stayed dead. Because he betrayed his people and let the caravans cross the border into Castle Black...
  11. MassExodus

    The threat to the First Amendment.

  12. MassExodus


    On Christmas day, 2012, I lost my father. He died of end stage emphysema, from smoking all of his life. The stress and heartbreak almost took my mother with him. My own grief nearly destroyed me. I wasn't myself for two years. A few months ago I lost my best friend, a female English Bull...
  13. MassExodus

    Tarantula mishaps.

    I was on the site that shall not be mentioned, looking at funny bite reports, and remembered a post I saw once where a guy had an hmac escape in his house. I remembered laughing until tears came, because the dude was obviously terrified, and trying to hide it by saying his wife had asthma or...
  14. MassExodus

    This was on my suggested viewing feed

  15. MassExodus

    Capt. Marvel (heehaaawheeehaaaw)

    So. Any white males here gonna go see Captain feminist? (Hell, any males at all) Anyone following the Brie Larsen fiasco? Can you believe this woman? Want some laughs? Go to twitter search and type in "brie larsen c*nt" ROFL...And yes, I'm a conservative libertarian, I'm pissing myself laughing...
  16. MassExodus

    I can't stop laughing at this

    Just thought I'd share
  17. MassExodus

    Rocks in enclosures/fall damage??

    I hear a lot about fall damage, and from day one in this hobby, ten or so years ago, I've read countless warnings about fall damage/substrate depth and hard objects like rocks being a no-no. It took a year or so to gather my own usual brash/overconfident opinion (lol)and start putting rocks in...
  18. MassExodus


    So I just bought 1000 large superworms for my animals, and I noticed something funny..did you know people eat them? I **** you not. Google it if you want to laugh..mmmm, yummy. Superworms are an excellent replacement for croutons in your salad..I read that, I swear to god..
  19. MassExodus

    The central bank.

    US citizens. Do you know that you work 4 months out of the year to pay illegal, unconstitutional taxes? Four months of every year of your wages go to FIT. Do you know what federal income tax is for? It's for paying interest to the Central bank. Do you know what the Central bank is? It's the...
  20. MassExodus


    Its been raining or trying to rain here for three weeks now. I went outside to fix a flat on my motorcycle, and I got eaten alive by mosquitos. Of all the insects in this world, there's only one I absolutely hate. Mosquitos. There must have been 50 of them, aggressively having at me. I've never...