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  1. RedCapTrio

    KL the OBT and Pit the GBB

  2. RedCapTrio

    Smart B. vagans or something else?

    I got this Tarantula app and is scheduling the water refill to every four days. Now as I was doing the water refilling schedule last night, I found that the B. vagans water dish was completely dried out. I don't really understand why this is happening since the Ts water dishes are of varying...
  3. RedCapTrio

    Goodbye to Nike

    Lost my little P. irminia due to bad molt today. :( It only molted once ever since I got it last April. Two nights ago, it was on its back and I'm sure it is going to molt again. After waiting the longest time, it never progress from there. When I checked early this morning, mites were already...
  4. RedCapTrio

    B. albiceps missing leg

    I guess this one deserves a thread of its own. This albiceps is one of my reclusive Ts. It quickly disappeared on me when I rehoused it to its current enclo. After a month, it came out and was fine. Then it disappeared again after one feeding. It appeared a couple of weeks ago and it ate a...
  5. RedCapTrio

    P. irminia sling

    Hi all, I just found myself a surprised owner of an irminia sling. I've got a fellow T keeper selling it cheap because he wanted to get himself a hedgehog. So long story short, he will be delivering it tonight to our doorstep after work. Now, I am in need of info as I have not researched on...
  6. RedCapTrio

    Info on Selecosmia peerboomi?

    Pretty unpopular species, in Youtube that is. Can anyone please supply me info on our very own local T? Bit of irony right there but I don't want to keep one unless I'm pretty sure what are its requirements. Thanks guys! :)
  7. RedCapTrio

    Gold Rush

    Hi all, Just found a source for H. incei and hey, they can be kept communally. But before doing that, I would just like to solicit for your honest opinions guys. What do you think about the pros and cons of H. incei communal setups? Thanks for all info you can give. :)
  8. RedCapTrio

    RedCapTrio's Current List of Ts

    1.0.0 B. auratum (9.5.2015) - Tartar 0.0.3 G. pulchripes (9.26.2015, 12.17.2015, 12.17.2015) - Dos Chac, Tres Chac, Chacquatro 0.0.1 B. boehmei (10.3.2015) - Trani 0.0.1 C. cyaneopubescens (10.23.2015-11.5.2015, 12.23.2015) - Tara, Pia 0.0.1 B. albiceps (11.5.2015) - Tula 0.0.1 B. albopilosum...
  9. RedCapTrio

    RedCapTrio's Collection for now...

    1) Tartar
  10. RedCapTrio

    They've arrived and got a wonderful surprise as well!

    The T's have arrived and I got myself a wonderful surprise in the form of a freebie! A note comes with it stating the ff.: 2 holes - P. metallica 4 holes - A. geniculata 6 holes - G. porteri So loving my supplier right now, what a surprise indeed! :D :D :D A little improvement on the...
  11. RedCapTrio

    Pia's picture thread

    My GBB, Christmas gift for 2015 Here it is when I got it. First enclosure
  12. RedCapTrio

    B. vagans webbing

    Good day guys, just fascinated with Andie as it has started to webbed up its enclosure. Not really a molting mat since it is quite spread around the hide. What do you guys think, have you encountered this kind of thing too? Here are some photos taken a few minutes ago: :T:
  13. RedCapTrio

    Recycling or reusing issue!

    Good day all, Having rehoused Tartar ended up with an empty KK. Can I topped it up with new substrate and place a new T? Have you guys ever rehoused a T to an old enclosure that is recently vacated? With common sense, I know it's not a good idea but I got curious. ;) What could be the...
  14. RedCapTrio

    Rehousing my biggest T

    Since Tartar is almost 5 inches, I opted to rehouse him to a bigger enclosure. I tried my best to make it presentable, please don't judge me. I am no interior decorator. :rolleyes: :oops: The old enclosure: The new enclosure: To be continued... :D
  15. RedCapTrio

    Caught my molting T on time lapse

    Since Tula has molted, I was expecting for Trani to molt also. And sure enough, got my milestone as a T keeper! Wow, can't believe I did it. From 0243H to 0333H EST, captured! :cool: :D :D Sorry for the poor lighting though, I don't want to disturb Trani more than necessary. :oops:
  16. RedCapTrio

    New enclosure for my GBB

    So I finally transferred my Pia to a taller enclosure. It was last night, but was running late this morning for work so to make the long story short, I only got to check on it tonight and this is what I found: Pia on top of its water dish! Starting to web it up. :T:
  17. RedCapTrio

    B. smithi or B. auratum?

    Guys, please help me, once and for all, rest this dilemma in peace. Here are the photos: Your votes are greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
  18. RedCapTrio

    Super fast roaches!

    Hi all, I am just wondering how do you catch rusty reds without squishing them. I bought some nymphs and placed them in a large container (yeah, my bad) so that I can put paper egg trays for them to hide in. Now, I can see some in the egg tray and when trying to catch them, I end up giving my...
  19. RedCapTrio

    RedCapTrio Ts

    I found it difficult to maintain individual threads for my Ts so I decided to compile various T update under one thread :p:rolleyes::oops: Here are today's feeding photos: Dos Chac's first meal after his molt Albus, very good appetite on this T Andie, also with good appetite Emie's first...
  20. RedCapTrio

    To stick or not to stick...

    Good day guys, I thought of making a feeding schedule but the problem is I don't seem to stick with it. There are times when I feed almost daily because when I see the T out and about and is looking hungry, I feed. However, not all of them seem interested with food and I only give to those...