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  1. spodermin

    Urticating hairs vs new world tarantula

    A spider's own hairs don't affect it at all and I've always gone by the assumption that the same species hairs don't matter either. But what about between two different species? If a brachypelma kicks hairs onto a chromatopelma, for example? Now the second question is: what about 'old world's...
  2. spodermin

    Amblypygi: tell me everything

    I'm looking to learn about all the different species of amblypygi in the hobby. Any and all information about them is greatly appreciated.
  3. spodermin

    Hamorii or Smithi?

    Is this brachypelma hamorii or smithi or a hybrid? I'm 99% sure hamorii but it looks different enough from my other hamorii I figure I should ask before breeding an abomination
  4. spodermin

    Egg sac or nah

    Take your vote, my girl slimmed out but it all happened so fast Idk if she dropped or just molted. Hard to say because Im so used to looking at this dingy male while shes been sealed inside so naturally she looks brighter, but I havent noticed a change in size. She is, however, much more...
  5. spodermin

    Check this mold out

    Gnarly mold explosion that has spread to a couple of my smaller humid enclosures. Anybody know anything about this mold or have a good procedure for cleaning the spores from the decorations in the enclosure? Id preferably like to use the same ones
  6. spodermin

    Plants growing randomly in substrate

    Just a place to dump photos of those random plants we occasionally see out of nowhere in our spiders enclosures. NOT for plants intentionally put in enclosures
  7. spodermin

    Subdue techniques for pinch grip

    I have a spider that is not very aggressive but is extremely fast that I want to pinch lift. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can do this without getting bit or harming the spider?
  8. spodermin

    Mature female OBT?

    I have a mature male OBT looking for some furrow and a female which is definitely not full sized but perhaps is mature. It's slightly larger than the MM in terms of DLS with an exceptionally larger carapace and abdomen. Can anyone give me the rough measurements of when a female should be mature...
  9. spodermin

    OBT tibial hooks or nah

    Does this species have tibial hooks or nah? What was sold to me as a female seems to have boxing gloves so naturally I want to pair it with my female, does anyone know if the MM of this species hook out or not because I don't see hooks so it still may need another molt if so Pics of the palps
  10. spodermin

    Please help me, whats going on here

    My phormictopus sp. green that I believe to be in premolt has been very reclusive since its rehouse following the mold outbreak, I just checked on her to discover a large bead of clear liquid hanging from her fangs. What could this be? Should I remove her for examination?
  11. spodermin

    4 spider monte

    You can only have 4 spiders. A terrestrial (new world) An arboreal (one of each) And a fossorial (old world) What 4 species do you choose?
  12. spodermin

    Favorite enclosure mold crisis

    Sometimes springtails just can't save one of your favorite enclosures from a mold infestation. Oh well, the new one will do very well. Spider in heavy premolt
  13. spodermin

    Dubia movement

    Does anyone out there have a cure to dubias playing dead? Someone told me to put them on their back which works sometimes but generally they sprint directly under the tarantula and play dead leaving the T confused until it gives up then they go burrow. Perhaps a temperature change or light...
  14. spodermin

    Funniest moment with a T

    Occasionally one of my T's will make me die laughing by doing something 'cute' or just downright stupid. What is the funniest thing you can recall one of your spiders doing? Mine would definitely be the time I was feeding my female T. Stirmi, which is around 7". She was up on her ledge (which...
  15. spodermin

    Spodermin's Picture Contest

    This is an independent contest from the other photo contest(s). The Purpose: I am looking to obtain 1-3 pictures of spiders to blow up for my pad. The Rules: -only certain species will be accepted* -the resolution must be extremely high as the image(s) will be blown up to poster size...
  16. spodermin

    First tarantula casualty

    Thought of you right away @Tnoob when I went to feed my slings today and found this OBT sling dead in its web. Looks to have died from dehydration, very uncool. Not even a death curl, just sitting in position dead. Rip little guy
  17. spodermin

    Pronunciation issues

    I went into it so confident and just nope. Funny enough, I have no issue saying this name, this is pretty much the first and only time I butchered it and I just happened to be filming. Enjoy
  18. spodermin

    Escapee! Help!

    I just lost an M. Balfouri sling in my kitchen, it went under the cupboards by the sink.... Help! What is my best course of action!!??
  19. spodermin

    Can hornworms eat cucumbers?

    Very simple I just need a quick answer from someone with experience