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  1. T-Baby

    U.K. 3 female Tarantulas

    Last 3 I’m selling, collection from Essex, delivery also possible(will include set up) or RMSD £10 with heat pack. All doing all they should, especially the OBT’s! Pictures available on request and prices are negotiable. Willing to trade for Grammostola’s. AF huge 10inch Lasiodora Parahybana...
  2. T-Baby

    UK peeps that post!

    For any UK sellers out there stock up on heat packs, they’re on offer at Aldi’s for 99p I use these exact ones and pay usually £2.50 They come in a pack of 4 where I stick 2 together, giving you 2 heat packs for just 99p!!! Highly recommend using them, they always arrive still warm! Forgot to...
  3. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    After taking a step back I’ve decided to move on a few more, all healthy and very well cared for. Pictures available on request, RMSD £10 with heat pack. Deals on multiples Happy browsing! Aphonopelma Chalcodes - Arizona Blonde AF £55 Aphonopelma Gabeli - Chiricahuan Grey AF X2 £40 each...
  4. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    Pictures available on request RMSD £10 with heat pack, feel free to message me with an offer. *Please note* I will not be posting out until AFTER Christmas due to Royal Mail being busy, I won’t risk the Tarantulas safety. I will hold for a deposit and to be paid in full prior to posting. Happy...
  5. T-Baby

    Identifying Aphonopelma Species

    Can anyone shed any light on what these guys are? Bought as Aphonopelma’s but unknown species, I suspect the lighter one to be a Chalcodes however here in the UK we don’t get many varieties so I’m struggling. Any help is appreciated, thanks everyone
  6. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    All sizes are approximately and unsexed unless stated, pictures available on request. RMSD £10 with a much needed heat pack. Feel free to ask any questions, I’m happy to help Davus Pentaloris - Costa Rican Tiger Rump AF £35 Phormictopus Cancerides - Haitian Brown 3cm £5 Phormictopus Auratus -...
  7. T-Baby

    U.K. Small tarantula list *All Reduced*

    All sizes are approximately, pictures available on request. RMSD £9 or £10 if heat pad is needed! Will do deals on multiples. Aphonopelma Chalcodes - Arizona Blonde Unsexed 3inches £25 Brachypelma Albopilosum - Curly Hair unsexed 6cm £10 Grammostola Rosea - Chile Rose Unsexed 3inches £30...
  8. T-Baby

    U.K. Few tarantula for sale

    All sizes are approximately, pictures available on request. RMSD £9, will do deals on multiples and willing to listen to offers. PM for more info Aphonopelma Seemani - Zebra Leg unsexed 3inches £25 Brachypelma Albopilosum - Curly Hair unsexed 2inches £10 Brachypelma Vagans - Red Rump Female...
  9. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantula list

    Will do deals on multiples, pictures available on request and sizes are approximately. Collection welcome from Essex or RMSD £9. PM for more info!!! Acanthoscurria Insubtilis - Bolivian Black Velvet AF (very rare) £45 Brachypelma Albopilosum - Curly Hair AF (hobby form) £25 Pamphobeteus Machala...
  10. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    Will do deals on multiples, pictures available on request. RMSD £9 P.met 6.5inch female £85 N.chromatus 4-4.5inch female £35 B.subulosom 4.5inch female £50 T.stirmi 3.5inch unsexed £55 B.albiceps 3.5inch female £45 A.seemani 5inch female £40 B.hamorri 4inch female £40 B.kahlenbergi...
  11. T-Baby

    Sex this 2cm moult!

    Mainly just for opinions I’m not expecting a definitive answer, as you can see the moult I tried sexing with my new macro toy is extremely small! What are everyone’s thoughts, what do you see??? Go!
  12. T-Baby

    U.K. Slings for sale

    These are all slings 1-2cm come with their enclosures as they’re all established. RMSD £9 Ceratogyrus Brachycephalus - Great Horned Ceratogyrus Meridionalis - Zimbabwe Gray Pelinobius Muticus - King Baboon Pterinochilus Murinus USAMBARA- Orange Baboon Pterinochilus Lapalala - Waterberg...
  13. T-Baby

    Fertile or infertile??

    Pulled the sac today, day 26 so a little early but I’m going on holiday in a few days so had no choice. I’m uncertain if they look fertile or not, any breeders out there care to share their thoughts! @Casey K. @Arachnoclown @KezyGLA Thanks
  14. T-Baby

    U.K. 2 rare Tarantulas

    2 Tarantulas rarely offered in the hobby, both suspected female but no moult to confirm so being sold as unsexed. Pictures available on request, thanks for looking! Aphonopelma Lanceolatum 3.5inches £55 Stichoplastoris Sp. Nicaragua 3inches £35 RMSD + heat pack if needed £9 Total: £99 Deal...
  15. T-Baby

    Help ID my T!

    Hi everyone, I have had this girl for a while now, purchased as G. Rosea, but having also owned many specimens of this genus, she seems to have different colouration to me? Maybe part of the normal colour changes they go through but just wanted to ask fellow members if they also agree this is a...
  16. T-Baby

    U.K. Tarantulas for sale

    A few Tarantulas for sale, pictures available on request. Post £9 via RMSD with heat pack, sizes are DLS and approximately. Any questions feel free to PM me! Will also consider trades Brachypelma Albopilosum - Curly Hair 1inch £10 Brachypelma Hamorii - Mexican Red Knee 5inch Female £45...
  17. T-Baby

    Brachypemla but what species?

    Brought this little one clearly heavily in premoult but was sold as an unknown Brachypelma. I’m not that clued up on the Brachy’s and appreciate it may be hard to tell at a young age but any ideas would be awesome. @Phil i was thinking Boehmei or Emilia. What would you lot say? Thanks
  18. T-Baby

    U.K. Few T’s for sale

    Did have a lot more but most are sold or on hold! All sizes are approximate, pictures available on request. RMSD £9 with heat pack, Pm for more info! Thanks for looking Brachypelma Hamorii - Mexican Red Knee AF £45 (Awaiting payment) Haploclastus Devamatha - LSD Earth Tiger 3cm £70 Lasiodora...
  19. T-Baby

    U.K. Various Tarantulas for sale

    Aphonopelma Belindae 5cm £20 Brachypelma Hamorii - Mexican Red Knee 2inches £15 Haplopelma Longipes - Thai Blue 1cm £5 Nhandu Carapoensis - Brazilian Red 3inches £25 Nhandu Tripepii - Giant Blonde 3inches £30 Phormictopus Atrichomatus - Red Island 2.5inches £20 Sizes are approximately, RMSD £9...
  20. T-Baby

    U.K. Few T’s for sale

    Aphonopelma Caniceps - Mexican Orange 5cm £15 Aphonopelma Chalcodes - Flagstaff Orange 5cm £12 Aphonopelma Seemani - Zebra Leg SA £25 Brachypelma Kahlenbergi - New Mexican 4inches £25 Dolichothele Diamantinensis - Brazilian Blue Beauty 2cm £8 Grammostola Pulchra - Brazilian Black 4cm £20 RMSD...